A swarm of locusts of biblical proportions has descended on Giza, Egypt,
an agricultural area just south of Cairo. The Agricultural Ministry has
deployed armed forces and border units to battle the swarm with
A Plague of Locusts Descending on Giza (You Tube Image)A Plague of Locusts Descending on Giza (You Tube Image)whatever means they have at their disposal. The Ministry has asked local
residents to refrain from trying to deal with the voracious insects

The primary method that locals are likely to employ is lighting car tires on fire. This method has little real effect and poses additional threats from fire. Instead crop-spraying aircraft will be used to tackle the insects which have been a seasonal phenomenon in Egypt throughout its history -- just not usually in such large quantities.

The swarm is estimated to be 30 million strong and winds forecast for this week are likely to move the insects eastward. Neighboring countries such as Israel are preparing for a possible invasion of their own, even though the Egyptian government is claiming that they have destroyed 95% of the locusts. 

Sources: The Times of Israel, Newser