Ben and Duggie are the best of friends. They live in and around Tory
Island just off of the far northwest coast of Ireland. Ben is a Yellow
Labrador Retriever that lives at the hotel. Duggie is a wild dolphin
that inhabits the Ben and Duggie Swimming Together (You Tube Image)Ben and Duggie Swimming Together (You Tube Image)waters surrounding the island. Almost every day Ben
can be seen racing along the jetty, down the concrete steps, plunge ounhesitatingly
into the water to paddle out to the waiting Duggie for a morning swim together.

Ben belongs to local hotel owner Pat Doohan and, while Ben loves his human, he has struck up a strong friendship with the aquatic mammal. The dolphin is just as enamored with the dog. They apparently have worked out a sort of game of water tag that they play. When the boats leave the jetty to go out the sea, Duggie will follow them and Ben will paddle alone back to shore, a strong and confident swimmer.

Visitors to the island of less than 100 residents become enamored of the pair and take trips across the harbor in the ferry where they can get a close-up view and watch them gambol together in the water. The pair are happy to show off for the humans. A lucky few divers will go out to swim with them. While that may be fun, the dog and dolphin only have eyes for one another.

It is the sort of love story for the ages. It is something like the tale of The Little Mermaid without the magic. The sea creature and the land creature have had to find their own answer of how to be together -- and they have. The only magic they needed is love.

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