is a new South African design studio catering to sophisticated cats. 
Its works are stunning, modern, made one-by-one out of CNC laser-cut
cardboard and medium density fiberboard. They are light, airy,
paintable, and very different from what you will find at your pet
store.  The question is will your cat sleep in a Beehive?

Here is Kitticraft's Beehive, intended to hang from a ceiling beam or mount to a wall. 


Kitticraft Beehive bed for cats: © KitticraftKitticraft Beehive bed for cats: © Kitticraft


isn't it?  Maybe not so stable for kitties hanging from a ceiling beam
though. But that's probably why Kitticraft is building a stand for the
Beehive like it did for the Acorn cat bed below.


Kitticraft Acorn bed for cats: © KitticraftKitticraft Acorn bed for cats: © Kitticraft


Now, look at this!


Kitticraft Acorn bed for cats with Acord StandKitticraft Acorn bed for cats with Acord Stand


Kitticraft has even made an Acorn Liner for its cat bed to keep kitty warm and cozy in his Acorn cocoon.


Kitticraft Liner for Acorn cat bed: © KitticraftKitticraft Liner for Acorn cat bed: © Kitticraft


Beehive will soon be outfitted like
Acorn, but if you want to hang any of Kitticraft's hanging beds from
your ceiling beams, of course, you still can.  Actually, all of this
chatter about the Beehive and the Acorn is just a teaser to get you over
to the Kitticraft website where you will find amazing cat beds, climbing ledges, and scratching toys.  And the company ships practically everywhere!

I learned of Kitticraft via HausPanther.

That's the buzz for today!


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