Beauty & the Beasts: 15 Animals Who Love Flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue, animals love flowers just like me and you! This fragrant expose of flagrantly flower-loving fauna may simply be the result of patient photographers enjoying some judicious timing. Regardless of rhyme or reason, however, one can't resist smiling at these natural sights of the season. 


Alvin Calling!

Sorry Simon and Theodore, Alvin can't come out to play today. Spring is here and this is one chipmunk who's got some wild oats to sow. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Fuzzy Blue One)


Puppy Love

First love is never easy and showing the object of your affections an object expressing your affection can be an excruciating endeavor. Just ask this shy young pup whose feelings are of the non-violet kind. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via IMGfave)


The Bear Narcissities

How are Polar Bears adapting to global warming, you ask? Let's just say it's a work in progress... and we just can't wait for evolution to bring us Purple Bears. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Michael Pouza)


Porky & Petunia

Aww, sow cute! They may say pigs and peaceniks don't mix but here's one fine swine who thinks flower power's about to make a comeback. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via PhotoFind)


What's Up, Tiger Lily?

That's right, those aren't Tiger Lillies but the li'l guy's having fun so why spoil it? Besides, when he grows up he can call them anything he wants and no one will argue. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Beautiful Cool Wallpapers)


Chews Me!

Looking like a living cross between a Pokemon, a Furby and a Gremlin, this baby wombat just needs somebody to love... and a little less fiber in his diet, perhaps. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via LLBwwb, Just Call me Lynn)


Coyote Pretty

Here's one wily coyote who's got better things to do than chase roadrunners. Such as relaxing in the garden and waiting for UPS to deliver that bird-proof flowerpot she ordered from ACME. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Thundafunda)


Hedging His Bets

What better way to soften up a prickly demeanor than with a bouquet of beautiful roses? And what better choice of flower for a guy who sports plenty of thorns of his own? (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Global Animal)


Flower Bower

The Bowerbird is one animal that doesn't need posed or staged photos to display his love of flowers. Indeed, this is a bird on a mission: the more beautiful his bower (a sort of avian seduction den), the better chance of landing a mate... which is where the flowers come in. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via National Geographic)


Hamster Incognito

And the Oscar for best actor in a garden-variety film goes to this guy, who evidently doesn't realize flowers are frequented by bees. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Jokeroo)


Gorilla My Dreams

Who wouldn't go ape at the sight of this sweet baby gorilla? One imagines our early ancestors resorted to similar tactics when attempting to attract a mate. Hopefully she's the type that wants to settle down and isn't just another swinger. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Cutearoo)


Boy Meets Squirrel

If you're gonna be a stalker, stem those impetuous urges and do it right. Otherwise she might think you're nuts or something. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via The Telegraph)


Mine's Bigger

No toadstools for this amorous amphibian, if you please. When impressing your crush, size really does matter and this bodacious bloom gives new meaning to the term “heavy petaling”. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via


Peonies For Ponies

You don't need a Gallup Poll to know this horse has got spring fever – one might say he's hot to trot. At least he's got a whole field of blooms to choose from, and he'd best select the freshest bouquet as it's a long way to Filly. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via La Nouvelle Mo.De)


Field Of Dreams

Life isn't exactly a bed of roses for most wild animals but like the dog-tired wolf above, they make do with what's available. It just goes to show you, when you make your bed with Mother Nature sometimes there really IS a meadow ground. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Wallpaper Hi)

It's a well-known fact most animals' sense of smell far exceeds that of we humans. It naturally follows that if we enjoy the unique and exquisite aroma of flowers in bloom, they might just find it scent-sational! Then again, when it comes to animals, who really nose?(cute Animals Love Flowers image above via Cleveland Seniors, at top via

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Steve Levenstein
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May 7, 2012
by Myra Per-Lee
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Lovely photos and, in all, a happy post!

Lady Schmooze
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May 10, 2012
by Anonymous
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What beautiful photos you've compiled!!! I love pictures that remind me of my belief that animals definitely have souls. The teaser photo on the front page is awesome!!

May 7, 2014
by Anonymous
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we are doing a school

we are doing a school project and we are wondering if we could use one of your adorable pictures

May 7, 2014
by Creature Features
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Be my guest, and if at all

Be my guest, and if at all possible please note where you saw it.

Steve Levenstein
Creature Features

Mar 13, 2015
by Anonymous
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Your photos are so

Your photos are so beautiful. Are these animals yours or how do you go about taking these pictures?

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