The plight of bees is of concern to everyone on the planet. Without them
we are likely to starve. There is a lot of talk around about planting
bee-friendly plants and letting a few of your dandelions hang around for
them. But bees do not live by plants alone. It is time to be making
sure that the helpful little insects also have plenty of water to drink
without them having to risk their lives to get it.

A "Bee Bath" (Image via Intelligent Living)A "Bee Bath" (Image via Intelligent Living)

Not only do bees need a good drink on a hot day just like the rest of us, but they also use water for evaporative cooling of their bodies in the heat, to dilute honey when preparing food for their larvae, and to dissolve crystallized honey. As it is they may have to risk drowning in your bird bath, or being eaten by predators if they approach creeks and ponds. Providing a safe water source for bees can save more precious lives.

Making a "bee bath" is really simple and can mean a lot to our diminutive flying friends.  Just take a somewhat shallow bowl or pan and fill it with marbles, pebbles, or small stones. Fill the pan almost to the top with water. There you have it. Your bee bath is ready to go.

A "Bee Bath" (Image via Intelligent Living)A "Bee Bath" (Image via Intelligent Living)

The marbles or stones give places for the bees to land safely and rest while they are getting a drink. Just like with your flowers they will know where to come back for a drink again and again. Just keep it topped off for them on a regular basis. Mine is near where I water vegetables on a daily basis, so it is easy to give it a daily fill of fresh water.

This is a great way to tend to the bees without becoming a beekeeper.

Source: Intelligent Living