Wow your friends and family, or be the envy of your coworkers, with this
totally cool Desktop Jellyfish Tank. It's not just anyone who has pet
jellyfish. Be the first in your world.

Desktop Jellyfish TankDesktop Jellyfish Tank

The set-up comes with a cool disc-shaped tank and all the fixin's to run a small salt-water tank. It also comes with a certificate to use to get your jellyfish and a three-month supply of food. Pop the code from the certificate into the website set up for this and your jelly will be shipped to you overnight. It is covered by an Arrive Alive guarantee.

Desktop Jellyfish TankDesktop Jellyfish Tank

This tiny jelly is a Moon Jellyfish and is just 1.5 inches in diameter. The website recommends the name "Squishy" for your jelly, but the real choice is up to you. Don't worry about getting stung. Humans are immune to the sting of this jellyfish.

Desktop Jellyfish TankDesktop Jellyfish Tank

It doesn't need to live alone. Check with you local aquarium shop as to what kind of fish you can also add to a small saltwater tank inhabited by a Moon Jelly.

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