Looking for a quick and cheap way to spook up your home this Halloween? You don't need a lot of money or even much time. All you need is to create a few bats made with paper, plastic or fabric that you have around the house and you can make fun and freaky Halloween decor for your home. Here's 20 Ridiculously Easy Batty Ideas to inspire you...

First, you just have to look for some fun stencils or templates that you can use as a form for creating bats you can use to decorate your home.   Once you find a good template to use, just make a bunch of bats and paste, tie or attach them around your home. 

Here are some of the free bat templates I found:

If you are using the bats indoors, you can probably just use black construction paper. If you are using it outdoors or want something that will last more than one season, use black foam sheets like these.  If you just need a stencil, just print a template out, trace it onto a flattened piece of plastic from a large plastic bottle like a water or milk bottle or from a cereal box and use it to draw or paint bats where you need them.  It's really that simple.

Here are 20 of my favorite ideas for using bats around the house that I saw flying around the web to help inspire you:

1. Batty Tree Sculpture

This project looks really simple but will be really striking when it is done. Just be on a lookout for a broken branch when you are out for a nature walk or break one off of your nearest tree, if it is a white birch all the better! Bring it home and spray paint it white. Hang paper bats on the branch using white thread or twine or just use some hot glue to glue them in place. The hardest part of this project will be hanging the branch on the wall. I would just attach a few large command hooks to the wall right where you want your decoration to be and then tie white or clear string around the branch several times to hang it.  Glue on a few more bats to cover up the tree tie. So easy and so striking! If you don't want to hang it on the wall, just place the tree branch on your console or credenza or anyplace that could use an amazing bat sculpture. 

Trees With Bats For Your WallTrees With Bats For Your Wall

Source: CocoonHome.com

2 and 3. Simple Bat Wreaths

You can make all sorts of Halloween themed wreaths but I think this one is one of my favorites. Simple, elegant and high impact. Just take a wreath form, cover in in your favorite colored yarn, paste on some baths and tie a pretty ribbon on it. Simple, quick and lovely.

Lovely Simple Bat WreathLovely Simple Bat Wreath 

Source: Eighteen25.com 

Here's another great example of a simple wreath form, some yarn and a bat making for a lovely decoration for your home.

Big Bat WreathBig Bat Wreath

Soure: Etsy

4. Flying Front Door Bats

This is another super simple project. Cut up some bats. Then stick several paper bats on and around the door. Tie or stick more bats on a  dried plant in a container if you feel so inspired. For sticking the bats to the door, I'd just use some museum putty or mounting putty, it's cheap and easy to pull off when you are done with the season.

 Flying Bats For Your DoorwayFlying Bats For Your Doorway

Source: TopDreamer.com

5. Bat Balloons

You can make balloons similar to these by just making a bat stencil and then drawing them on a white or orange balloon. I would probably use a super fat black sharpie or marker and draw them on some nice big balloons. You could also probably cut some bats and then glue them on balloons as well for a more textural look.  Blow up the balloons and scatter them around your home or fill them with nitrogen to have the balloons fly to the ceiling once you are done and they will look scarily beautiful.

Bat Balloons Made EasyBat Balloons Made Easy


6. Bat Curtains

Add the Halloween touch to your curtains. Just pin some paper or fabric bats to a light colored curtain and the feel of Halloween will seep and filter through the windows. Or if you want something more permanent, you can draw or paint bats to your curtains with stencils.

Bat CurtainsBat Curtains

Source: Makezine.com

7. A Spooky Bat Cushion

This inspiration pillow took some time and talent to make. But you can make a fun bat pillow for yourself with  a quick and easy project. Just take a solid colored pillow that you have around the house. Almost any color will do. Then cut out some bats in an a high contrast color in a suitable fabric (I like black felt since it is so easy to use) and then either pin them on your pillow with tiny safety pins, or iron them on with no sew tape.Of course, black or orange or white pillows would look best, but even a pale blue would look stunning with bats on it don't you think?

Colony of  Bats CushionColony of Bats Cushion

Source: AmeroonieDesigns

8. Scary Stunning Bat Mobile

This is a cool variation on the batty sculpture idea I mentioned earlier. Take a tree branch and hang some paper bats upside down on it and then hang the branch from the ceiling.  For hanging the branch, I would use invisible wire or thin rope you may have together with large command hooks since they are so easy to apply and then take down once the season is over. 

A Bat Mobile For YouA Bat Mobile For You

Source: Rebeccasdiy.blogspot.in


9. Bat Lights

These great looking bats can be found on Etsy. You can create your own variation of these bats by blowing up a large stencil to create super-size bats, then punch in some holes and hide some tiny LED candle lights behind the bats to create these spooky bat lights.

Bat LightsBat Lights

Source: Etsy

10. Batty Table Decor

To dress up your Halloween table, take some plain napkin rings and attach some tiny paper bats to get this awesome Halloween napkin rings. You can also just use paper to create both the rings and the bats.

Bat Napkin RingsBat Napkin Rings

Source: Womans Day

11 and 12. Spooky Batty Lamp

If you can find bat fabric like this at your local fabric store, go and grab it and just cover your lamp shade with it. (If you can't find it, you can just order something similar online here.) Then just glue on some bats you created with some black fabric. Then you can dress your lamp shade and scare the lights out of your guests! A super simple version of this would be just to tack on some black fabric bats on to your existing lampshades.

Lacey Bat LampLacey Bat Lamp

Source: Spirit Halloween

Simple DIY Bat LampSimple DIY Bat Lamp 

Source: Charm of Home 

13. Spook Up Your Fireplace 

A fireplace is the perfect place to go all out on creating your Halloween masterpiece. Whatever you decide to do to your mantle, also think of using bat stencils to create a bat string and arrange larger bats between simple Christmas string lights to create your own version of bat string lights. You don't have to limit yourself to the fireplace since these bat string lights would look terrific almost anywhere in or outside your home. 

Spook Up Your FireplaceSpook Up Your Fireplace

Source: Getitcut.com

14. Darken Up A Hallway Or Corner With A Bat Garland 

Making a bat garland is super simple. Cut up some bats, glue them onto some string or sew some bats together with string and you have a stunning looking bit of decor to darken up anyplace you want. 

Bat Garland For Anywhere In Your HomeBat Garland For Anywhere In Your Home 

Source: LaFactoriaPlastica.com 

15.  Elegant Halloween Entry Decor

Sometimes something so simple can be so impactful. Make some large paper bats and hang them upside down from the ceiling to add spook to your front porch, your entry or anywhere you need a colony of bats. Don't you think large bats would look terrific hanging from a bathroom ceiling or in a center hallway?

Large Bats Hanging From CeilingLarge Bats Hanging From Ceiling

Source: MarthaStewart

16. Soaring Bats Centerpiece

You can make a simple centerpiece for anywhere you need a bit of Halloween fun with a few pumpkins and some paint or paper and glue.. Just paint some bats on a few pumpkins and insert paper bat flags to create this awesome centerpiece. Of just cut out some bats, glue them on pumpkins and then stick some up in the air for a centerpiece that soars.

Flying Bats CenterpieceFlying Bats Centerpiece


17. Simple Bat Decor To Make Your Table Setting Soar

This is one of those ridiculously simple ideas that knock your socks off for its elegance and impact. Just make some tiny bats and place them on the forks on your table for a very quick and lovely boost to your Halloween table setting. You could also do a variation and just place bats on the plates perhaps with names written on them with names of those at the table for dinner. 

Easy Halloween Table Setting IdeaEasy Halloween Table Setting Idea 

 Source: StylizimoBlog

18. Mirrored Bats Will Reflect Well On Your Sense of Style

This decorating idea is ridiculously easy as well. Just cut out some bats and stick some of them on the mirrors in the house.To minimize the look of what you use to attach the bats, I'd use clear double sided tape when attaching them to the mirror.

Flying Mirror BatsFlying Mirror Bats

Source: domesticfasionista 

19. Creepy Bat Chandelier

To add some drama to your Halloween decor, adding some bats to your chandeliers is a fun and easy decorating idea. There's lot of ways you can add some bats to your chandeliers. You can do something really simple like cutting out bats and hanging them from string to your chandelier. Or if you want to create something like this idea, simple attach some vinyl stick on bats, draw some on  with erasable pens using a stencil or  paste some bat cutouts to amp the spook factor in your home.

Easy Creepy ChandelierEasy Creepy Chandelier

Source: crapivemade

20. Bat Down The Walls

You can go simple or elaborate in just pasting bats to your walls. Mix up large and small paper bats can be attached to the wall using double sided tape.  Add a few animal shapes - an owl, a crow, a spider and a black cat perhaps if you want to add more variety and you are ready to impress your guests!

A Wall Of BatsA Wall Of Bats

Source: DanaMadeIt

So what do think of all of the creative ways in which with a simple bat design you can create drama and decor for Halloween for your home. What is great about these ideas is that most of them can be done in so many ways. So go bat crazy, won't you?  Have a great time decorating your home this Halloween!






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