Warm weather is just around the corner they tell me. That means my dogs get to spend more time outdoors, which they love. And I get to bathe them outdoors instead of in my shower, a humiliating experience for all of us. But I just found a great solution outdoor dog bathing - a portable, Inflatable Dog Shower from Hammacher Schlemmer.


Inflatable Dog ShowerInflatable Dog Shower


Inflatable Dog Shower keeps your dog from running away while you're bathing himInflatable Dog Shower keeps your dog from running away while you're bathing him


Made of puncture resistant PVC and nylon, this complete shower stall is only 44 x 26 inches folded flat.  When you are ready to use it, use the attached pump to blow up the base and the walls of the unit to 21 inches high.  Your pup can now enter the Dog Shower from an unzippable side panel, so that he can be treated to a delightful bath, including water spray in 7 different forms, from gentle to hard, and in between.  If need be, you can even attach his leash to an internal D-ring if he's skittish about bathing.

The Dog Shower hooks up to any garden hose and has an drainage to channel water out of the unit. Its showerhead has a 52-inch hose that reaches all parts of a dog's body, and if the 7-speed shower head isn't enough to spoil your dog, there are also 58 sprayers along the sides of the shower to sooth him and rinse off the soap in case he decides to lie down during his shower. Dogs are funny like that.

The Inflatable Dog Shower holds dogs up to 100 pounds and you don't have to get in!

Hammacher Schlemmer sells the Inflatable Dog Shower with a lifetime guarantee.


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