If you haven't heard of in home pet boarding, it might be time to take a closer look. Sometimes it can be stressful to find a safe and secure environment for your pet to stay in when you want to go on vacation. Here are some of the basics of in home pet boarding, so you can make an educated decision whenever a vacation is drawing near.

At the Window: Image by Claudio Matsuoka, FlickrAt the Window: Image by Claudio Matsuoka, Flickr 

An Introduction To In Home Pet Boarding

In home pet boarding essentially offers a convenient way for pet owners to give their pets 24-7 care while they're on vacation. This method of pet sitting is often referred to as cageless solution for dogs and cats who are in need of a temporary place to stay, because there's no cage necessary, unlike their dog kennel rivals.

How In Home Pet Boarding Works

This method of pet boarding offers a convenient way to provide your pet shelter while you're on vacation. It works by pairing pet owners with registered homes who will give your pet 24 hour care while you're away. This can generally be done by searching the pet boarding provider's website to find a suitable home. Owners have the opportunity to search for homes in their own geographical area, which allows owners to schedule a "meet and greet" with the temporary care providers.

Most in home pet boarding services perform a background check on hosts to guarantee that they're qualified. If they don't meet the criteria, they'll usually be turned down for service. A number of services will also allow you to communicate with potential pet hosts online to make sure they're a good fit before the meet and greet.

Why To Consider In Home Pet Boarding

Cute Kitten: Image by Karamellzucker, FlickrCute Kitten: Image by Karamellzucker, Flickr

Finding a comfortable home for a pet stay in while you're away can be stressful, for both the owner and the pet. It seems that every temporary pet care option has pros and cons, which could leave you spending the entire vacation wondering how your pet is doing. Vacation care for pets, especially dogs, is luxurious but often too pricey, and kennels usually board hundreds of dogs at a time, which could result your dog being kept in a cage for lengthy amounts of time with limited supervision. Not to say that every kennel is like this, but it could take quite some time to find a suitable kennel for your pet.

Pet sitting is another option, however not always ideal. Pet sitters often visit the home a few times a day to check up on your dog, provide food and water, and frequently charge extra for any additional services which are already offered in the right in home pet boarding service. Here are some of the benefits of in home pet boarding:

  • Lower risk of catching cold and diseases, like kennel cough.
  • 24-7 care and supervision.
  • Regular feeding and walking routine.
  • Additional services such as grooming and individualized attention.
  • Individualized placement depending on the dog.
  • Individualized attention and care.
  • Cage free living, ability to move around.
  • Affordable in comparison to other services. 

With the right host, in home pet sitting can be one of the most comprehensive and affordable ways to provide your pet with the care he needs while you're on vacation. Just remember to research the host thoroughly to be sure your pet is in a safe environment while you're gone.

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