In November a pair of hunters in New Hampshire found a bald eagle caught
in a claw trap and contacted local police. At first police didn't
believe that it actually was a bird as rare as an eagle caught in a trap
on the groundBald Eagle (Photo by André Karwath/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Bald Eagle (Photo by André Karwath/Creative Commons via Wikimedia). When an officer arrived on the scene he was surprised to
find that it was in fact a bald eagle.

The officer threw a blanket over the agitated bird to quiet it down. As he carefully released the trap the bird appeared to be unharmed and flew immediately into a nearby tree upon release.

The skinned carcass of a beaver was also found in the trap and was most likely the reason the eagle had been drawn to the trap. 

After contacting wildlife authorities the police determined that the trap was being used within the law and that there was no evidence that anyone one was up to anything other than legal hunting.

Source: ABC News