When I was young, my Dad caught a huge bass--big enough to have it
stuffed and mounted over the mantel.  It looked pretty cool.  But the
examples in this video uploaded by  SirGrowalott
on May 31, 2011?  Well, these are why I'm not a fan of taxidermy.  Some are creepy, some are funny.  But most are creepy...

Of course, some of these are "art."  I'm talking to you Mr. Fox at the 49 second mark, with your combination of Wal-Mart baby doll body and crazy fox head.  And some are obviously fake.  But, egad!  Creeeeeeeeeepy!!!!!!  And the insane music doesn't help.

Are you into taxidermy?  Drop us a line--and maybe some of the guys who constructed the post-mortem critters above will learn something!

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