Bad Dogs, Bad Dogs, Whatcha Gonna Do? (VIDEOS)

This VIDEO series "highlights dogs that double as destroyers, hissing cats, cussing parrots, and the most fascinating four-legged escape artists ever caught on tape."

Dog shows seem to be latest envelope-pusher in the Reality TV genre.  With programming like the "Dog Whisperer" and "Dogs in the City," cable TV and even the  major networks feel they need to get in on the canine action. After all, at the end of the day -- wouldn't you rather invest your time in watching the antic of pets, then some self-indulgent housewife? And probably even more so with dogs that just don't know how to behave?

Well, that's the very premise for one of the more popular dog shows to hit the air waves. "Bad Dog!" is a very funny hour of television that chronicles how many buttons pets can push with their owners, and according to the show's promo, "still get unconditional love." The series "highlights dogs that double as destroyers, hissing cats, cussing parrots, and the most fascinating four-legged escape artists ever caught on tape." Here's a few I found to be particularly memorable:

"Snowy" the Siberian Husky exhibits one of the worst habits we've ever seen. By literally pulling the rug right out from under his masters, "Snowy" manages an ingenious escape from his exile pen. However, little did this bad dog know, that every little bit of evidence was caught on tape.

This incredible dog should be called SUPER BEAGLE as his aeronautic prowess is more attuned to a flying squirrel than it is to a canine… particularly when he's on the hunt for his next meal. Check out Toby's four point landing here...

"Denver" is a 6yr-old Yellow Lab who's mastered the art of the "Sh*t-eating grin!" He's a super-star on Facebook and YouTube with his ongoing quest to bring human smiles to faces around the world. Cracking originally under pressure when caught stealing his fellow cat's treats, Denver is the kind of pet you just can't help but love...

In this clip, the tables are turned when "Jack" the cat literally gets the upper hand on a 1yr-old Giant Schnauzer called "Stella." While no match for this stray cat, Stella seems to be masochist continually going back and back for more licks. Animal Planet assures all however, that "no animals were in danger during the making of this video."

So the next time you send man's best friend to the dog house for some unspeakable wrong they committed, you might want to capture it on video and send it into the "Bad Dog!" producers for consideration. After all, that's how two other bad dogs by the name of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence got their start!

Found on Animal Planet, you witness the baddest of the bad every Saturday night at 9PM E/P.

Ron Callari
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Jul 30, 2012
by Anonymous
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This was a fun post.

This was a fun post. Thanks! I'll be sharing this link with a few of my friends who read my "dog letters", especially since a recent one was about compelling guilt, and how some pets can divert their eyes, LOL! Keep on keeping on,

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