One in five companies are now allowing workers to bring their pets into the office. Pets At Work, the Hong Kong brand of pet and pet lover products, has created a very clever backpack and pet shelter for those lucky employees, or for those who just like to have their (small) pooches and their laptops with them wherever they go! Here's P@W!






The P@W is designed so well, with your dog's comfort as well as yours in mind.  Your laptop is nestled in a cushy pocket closest to your back, but the P@W backpack's mesh outer case is expandable from flat  to a 16 inch depth, reached in stages of  9" and 13" so the fit will be snug enough to keep your dog from flopping around as you move.  The width of the P@W is 15" and the length is 16".




The P@W includes a foldable Pet Dome with a soft double-sided comfort cushion for your dog's own little space when you're ready to settle in with your laptop.



Hunter K9Gear is having a great sale on the P@W right now!


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