A tiny newborn muntjac deer weighing only about two pounds was found
abandoned by its mother in a back garden in Colchester, Essex, England.
At first it was thought that the mother had just left the infant there
for Baby Muntjac (You Tube Image)Baby Muntjac (You Tube Image)safe-keeping until it was realized that the little animal had
collapsed there. With temperatures diving well below freezing, the owner
of the garden felt compelled to step in and rescue the deer.

The owner took the deer to a nearby wildlife center where he has become the darling of the staff and duly dubbed "Snowflake." It is believed that Snowflake had somehow become separated from his mother shortly after birth and was just too small to follow her when she had to move on. The man could hear the mother calling in the distance when he discovered the baby, but decided that it was wiser to take the faun to the wildlife center rather than to try to reunite the two. The little thing was in shock and could have died as the temperature fell in East Anglia.

The animal rescue center will now raise Snowflake until he is old enough to be released back into the wild but for now he is smaller than a house cat and much more vulnerable. When he is five or six months old he will be returned to the area in which he was lost and set free.

Until then he is being bottle-fed on a rich milk formula and being cared for by a whole staff of surrogate mummies and daddies.

Source: Mail Online


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