"Who Let the Dogs Out" is pure art. Disagree? Well, it certainly is in the hands of artist Sean E. Avery. Avery has taken what for most of us will likely find obsolete and turned turned CDs into incredibly detailed animal sculptures.


Feels Like Kiwi by AveryFeels Like Kiwi by Avery


Meerkat by AveryMeerkat by Avery
Rat 3 by AveryRat 3 by Avery



 Some of his amazing creatures live in his "Epic Fridge" where he stores his illustrated books, like "All Monkeys Love Bananas."


All Monkeys Love Bananas by AveryAll Monkeys Love Bananas by Avery


You can see more of of Sean's work at seanavery.com.

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Images used with permission from the artist.

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