Yes, dogs rely more heavily on their sense of smell than their other senses. In fact, their sense of smell at a thousand to 10 thousand times more sensitive than ours must overwhelm them.  Does it, then, stand to reason that the odor of essential oils will relax him or have any other impact on his health?

Sniff Pet CandleSniff Pet Candle It may be something you have to test yourself.  Sniff Pet Candles for dogs will give you the opportunity to find out if its aromatherapy is effective for your dog, with its five different concoctions of natural essential oils. 

A Day in the Hamptons blends rosemary, black pepper vine, spearmint and basil brings scents of summer to your dog's powerful nostrils; the Field of Dreams Sniff Pet Candle is intended for relaxation and sleep, possibly dream; and Splendor in the Grass is for city dogs who don't get much time inhaling nature.

Then, there's Fart & Away, which not only deodorizes your dog's farts, but is intended 'to ease the cause of your dog's unpleasant condition."

I'm dubious, I must say.  But hey, I'll try one of the candles next time I get together $32. For $48, you can let your dog inhale a small votive of each candle.  Find out more at Sniff Pet Candles.


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