Mina, a beautiful black Labrador retriever, was honorably discharged
from the Army at the age of eleven and adopted by his handler, Sergeant
Corey McCourt. Earlier this month the dog was euthanized at the age of
13 Black Labrador Retriever (Photo by Eric Ward/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Black Labrador Retriever (Photo by Eric Ward/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)after suffering from a nasty lung disease. While McCourt continues to
serve the country, his mother is struggling to serve Mina by finding
her a proper and fitting place to be buried.

McCourt wanted to have Mina, a sergeant who served nine tours of duty in Afghanistan as a bomb-sniffing dog, buried in the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan.  McCourt comes from a military family and his grandfather and great-grandparents are all buried in the cemetery, a place where McCourt and his brother, who is also in the military, expect to be laid to rest one day. So to McCourt it seems only natural for Mina, as a member of the family, to be buried with the family.

When the McCourt's mother, June Etlinger, reached out to the cemetery with the request she were quickly refused.  Etlinger has become a one-woman crusade to get Mina the hero's burial he so richly deserves after serving his country in hazardous duty. She has started a Facebook page to try to draw attention to her cause and to get support for her mission. Her page has already garnered more than 500,000 likes.

Even though the Pentagon has confirmed that national cemeteries will not bury animals, Etlinger is vowing not to give up the fight.

Source: Mail Online

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