The toddler years are some of the most exciting, trying, and humbling experiences a parent will ever go through.  If you've reached your limit, here are some pictures of animal parents dealing with their toddlers so you don't feel alone.  No matter what species, we all deal with the terrible twos (and threes, and fours, and eighteens).  I see you, moms and dads with a tantrum throwing tot, and this one is for you.

 1. This Moody Monkey


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"Carry me!"
"What?  I have all these bags of groceries."
"Carry me!"

 2. This Perturbed Pooch


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"Dad, I wanna wrastle!"

 3. This Catty Cheetah

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Oh, the endless joy of getting raspberries blown on you.

4.  This Annoyed Lemur

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"Stop staring at that man, son."
"But why is his butt so big?"

5.  This Exhausted Bear

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"Just lay down and take a nap."
"I just gotta tell you one more secret!"

6.  This Fed-Up Feline

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"I'm stuuuuck!"
"What are you...I told you not to go back there."

7.  This Tapped-Out Rhino

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"I told you to sleep in your own bed."
"But I like to sleep with you!"

8.  This Grumpy Lioness

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"Can you buy me some candy?"
"No, we came here to get milk and that's it."
"I want CANDY!"

9.  This Cranky Chimp

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"I want a snaaaaaack!"
"Yeah?  Well, I want a nap."

10.  This Disgusted Hippo

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"I farted!"
"You don't have to tell me every time you fart."

11.  This Lazy Lion

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"Give me another piggy back ride!"

12.  This Big, Bad Wolf

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"I don't wanna go home yet!"
"Don't make me come back there."

13. This Pooped Panda

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"Let's wrestle!"

14.  This Chill Cheetah

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"Let's play a game!"
"Let's not...."

15.  This Easygoing Equine

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"I'm Superman!"
"Uh-huh.  Get down and eat your food."

16. And All These Hygene Checking Animal Parents

"Did you brush your teeth?"
"Let me smell your breath."


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 Any of this sound familiar?


Originally published September 2015.