Bunny, The Kitty Cushion - Cute Animal Video Of The Day

Rabbits and cats tend to get along really well together as house pets, with kitty generally being the dominant member of the pair. Here's a video example, about a minute long, that demonstrates my point...



At least bunny gets up and shakes himself out once in awhile!

This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2009 by vasherbros' music is 1234 by the artist Feist.

Do you have a cat and a bunny?  What do you think about the video?


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Jun 9, 2012
by Anonymous
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This video is lame and

This video is lame and boring. Nothing happens in it and it's basically a cute picture of a bunny and cat. Waste of time!

Jun 9, 2012
by Michelle
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I think it's kind of cute.

I think it's kind of cute.

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