Pets & pumpkins go together like tricks and treats, especially this time of year when farms, zoos and wildlife parks provide their animals with plenty of pumpkins to help bring out the Halloween spirit.

Jumbo Squash

Yo dawg, we heard you like Smashing Pumpkins so here's an elephant smashing a pumpkin while a Smashing Pumpkins CD plays in the background. (Animals & Pumpkins image via Oakland Zoo)


Sure wolves are carnivores but according to lupine logic, if there's a face on the outside maybe there's some meat to eat on the inside. Seriously though, providing pumpkins for wolves to play with stimulates their natural curiosity. Visitors to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo can observe the gourd-gobbling in person at the zoo's annual Pumpkin Bash. (Animals & Pumpkins image via My Ballard)

KC Rhino's Orange Crush

You think a rhinoceros crushing a pumpkin is strange? Well yeah, it is, but even stranger it's occurring in Kansas City. Come one, come all to the Kansas City Zoo's annual  Great Pumpkin Smash... all except Linus, of course. (Animals & Pumpkins image via KC Parent)

The Other Honey Boo-Boo

Hmm, it sorta looks like a honey pot but without the bees. There'd better be some sweet stuff on the inside or things are gonna get grizzly pretty quickly. (Animals & Pumpkins image via Sarasota Business Network)

I Am Curious Orange

Who says a big cat can't (a) enjoy getting wet or (b) chow down on veggies? The Malayan Tiger above does both with gusto, thanks to a claws in his contract. (Animals & Pumpkins image via SpaceObservatory)

Mongoose On The Loose

A mess 'o mongoose (mongeese?) at the Kansas City Zoo inspects a hollow jack-o-lantern for snakes at the park's annual Pumpkin Smash. Funny, the raccoons around our house act the same way. (Animals & Pumpkins image via Skein by Skein)

Who's Neckst?

Giraffes don't usually see pumpkins in the wild and they probably think they're pretty weird looking. Pumpkins don't usually see giraffes in the wild and they probably think THEY'RE pretty weird looking. Visitors to Tucson's Reid Park Zoo see giraffes going all nom-nom-nom on pumpkins and don't know WHAT to think. (Animals & Pumpkins image via Reid Park Zoo)

Why I Otter...

When sea otters see pumpkins, expect more fun than a barrel of monkeys – which just might be the Santa Barbara Zoo's next main attraction. The Zoo's annual Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Squash may sound redundant but then again, it otter be. (Animals & Pumpkins image via Sarah Visik at SFGate)

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Here's one hippopotamus who likes his/her pumpkins uncut and presumably unplugged. Each year North Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo puts on a Pumpkin Bash and when it comes to chomping uncut squash, this is one critter who's anything but bashful. (Animals & Pumpkins image via PhinneyWood/Lori Veres, WPZ)

Gourd Almighty

It's a gigantic standoff - who's gonna win, the pumpkin or the pachyderm? One thing we do know: taking this monster gourd home in the “trunk” is not an option. (Animals & Pumpkins image via Russlings)




Orange you glad these animals get to enjoy Halloween as much as any human? Orange you glad you're not one of the pumpkins tossed to those animals? Don't the pair of monkeys above look like they would really rather have bananas? Ah well, that's Halloween for you: some get the treats and others get the tricks. (Animals & Pumpkins images via Smithsonian's National Zoo, top, and, above)


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