Radek Ossowski is a Polish artist with a fantastic gallery of optical illusions, animated designs and surreal art featuring animals of all shapes and sizes. Look at these uniquely rendered objects with a surprising animal twist!


Apple Owl by Ossowski: Finding owl eyes at the core of an apple makes the seeds seem not so bad! Owl art by Ossowski.


Green Energy by Ossowski: I think I will just light a candle. Snake art by Ossowski


Elephant Man by Ossowski: A tatoo? A mutant? Animal art of Ossowski


Ossowski has some strange and wonderful dream-like scenes featuring animals in odd environments, like these surreal animal art scenes:


Happy Friends by Ossowski: Elephants are way more fun than bicycles! Surreal elephant art by Ossowski.


Dreamscene by Ossowski: Flying hippos and energy manufacturing, surreal hippo by Ossowski.


Some wild animal combinations can also be found in Ossowski's galleries as well. These creatures below may have some mistaken identity, especially the sea horse art.


Giraffe Ostricho by Ossowski: This is either a giraffe that thinks it is an ostrich, or an ostrich that thinks it is a giraffe! Animal art of Ossowski


Morphing Creatures by Ossowski: Have fun classifying this animal! Animal art of Ossowski.


Forbidden Love by Ossowski: A very confused sea horse by Ossowski.


Ossowski also has some great pictures within pictures, some animal art that requires a second look. See if you can find the hidden images in these pieces of animal art:


Hidden Panda by Ossowski: Animal art on an animal. Panda art by Ossowski


Hidden Horse by Ossowski: Maybe you can look a gift horse in the mouth, if it has brushed its teeth with this stuff! Horse art by Ossowski


Hidden Face by Ossowski: Not just another face in the flock! Bird art by Ossowski


Ossowski's fractal animal gallery is quite extensive. Some of the more amazing images are animated animals! I am not sure if a fly trap counts as animal art, but there is an unfortunate fly so I can use that excuse. Here are some still examples of fractal animal art.


Lizard Fractalius by Ossowski: Some intense lizard art by Ossowski!


 Plumage by Ossawski: This duck makes a splash! Duck fractal animal art of Ossowski


Fractalius Leopard by Ossowski: This leopard art is almost on fire! Leopard art by Ossowski


White Peacock by Ossowski: You can never have too much peacock art.


Be sure to visit  Radek Ossowski's page and explore the expansive collection of animal art he has available. If you liked the surreal animal scenes, you might like this article on surreal animal art. Or, if the apple owl and strange combinations were more you taste, you might like some of this animal design. Thanks for reading! Comment below on any of the animal art you would like to see more of in the future.

Images used with artist permission.


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