Who knew a trip to a garage sale could result in a whole new animal kingdom? Aparently, artist Joe Pogan of Aloha, Oregon has made some fascinating sculptures using items most of us keep in an old coffee can in the garage or are floating around in a cabinet drawer. I was a big fan of the owl, but he has intricate sculptures of various other birds and fish.


Owl by PoganOwl by PoganEagle by Joe PoganEagle by Joe Pogan
 Pogan states that a completed fish scupture can weigh up to thirty-five pounds. Take note of the environments of these images, like the lantern, or the details, like the chain hook. I thought the cirular saw base was inspired.
Lantern Bird by PoganLantern Bird by Pogan
Hooked Fish by PoganHooked Fish by Pogan


You can see more of the artist's work at JoePogan.com. While you're there, check out the recently uploaded video showing Mr. Pogan's studio and method here.

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Images used with permission from the artists.