Animal Jewels of Ellen Jewett

Sculpture artist Ellen Jewett has developed a whole zoo of her own surrealistic creatures. Below are a few of my favorites.

I also included some of her more fantasy related sculpture. My personal favorite is the "Zen Turtle," because it reminds me of the scene with the old samurai turtle in Kung Fu Panda. I doubt that's what she was going for, but hey, it is still a rockin' turtle!


Zen Turtle by ElZen Turtle by El  Night Jackel by ElNight Jackel by El Elephant with Coffee by ElElephant with Coffee by El

Tall Tigres with Lanterns by ElTall Tigres with Lanterns by El


Her deviant page has a larger gallery of Ellen Jewett's impressive artistic feats.

So what do you think of Ellen's sculptures?

Images used with artist's permission. 

Julio Baloo Mamalu
Amazing Animal Art Blogger


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