To snooze or to scratch? That is the question for the cat with the Dachshund Cat Scratcher.

Cat scratchers are getting far more adventurous, as cardboard becomes the de rigueur material for the low liers. Easy to shape, cardboard can also be easily painted so that you can have the cat's equivalent of an objet d'art.  Here, for example, is an adorable cardboard Dachshund Cat Scratcher, where kitty can even sprawl out for her nap.


 Dachshund Cat ScratcherDachshund Cat Scratcher


The Dachshund Cat Scratcher is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and is 100 percent recyclable.  The sweet scratcher - sleeper is available from and Includes one bag of certified organic cat nip to sprinkle over it so your cat will really enjoy it!  The Dachshund's dimensions are: 7.5'' H x 9'' W x 23'' D. 


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