By now we all know Lil Bub and her owner, Mike.  To me, this is just a
dream story of two beings colliding at the exact right moment to help
each other.  You can see the love--and that's rare in this world.  Check
out this video uploaded by hsus on January 7, 2014.

I have never purchased a pet from a store.  I've always gone to the Humane Society.  This is for two reasons: 1) The animals at the Human Society have been either abused or abandoned and need someone responsible and loving to help them.  2) You will generally not find inbred animals there, unlike stores which utilize puppy mills and such.

Lil Bub is a great example of a cute, loving pet that would have been completely overlooked.  And now she's a star.  And her owner is a lucky (and nice) guy who did the right thing.

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