The Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) is holding a special Black Friday Adoption Event featuring discounted adoption fees on all pets and fee-waived adoptions on black animals. The November 29th, 2013 event takes a page from major retailers' Black Friday advertising by staying open for extended hours so you can shop now, adopt later!

ACCT Philly has been contracted by the City of Philadelphia to provide hands-on service to over 1.5 million city residents and their pets. Working out of a purpose-built facility in North Philadelphia, ACCT Philly's trained and caring animal control officers deal with more than 32,000 animals each year. From dogs and cats to small mammals, reptiles, birds and wildlife, ACCT Philly has grown to become the region's largest animal care and control service provider.

As the silly season swings into high gear, people's thoughts turn to Thanksgiving's festive get-togethers and getting a head start of Christmas shopping on Black Friday. ACCT Philly would like everyone to know that our pets and the urban wildlife we share our communities with have needs as well. The phenomenon of Black Friday offers a unique chance to bring pet-related concerns into the minds of shoppers whose focus may have strayed from what's really important.

“While Black Friday is traditionally associated with holiday shopping, it's really about giving and showing love,” explains Sue Cosby, Executive Director of ACCT Philly. “When you adopt a pet, you're giving love and a home to an animal in need. What greater gift is there?” Let's just add that for better or worse, ACCT Philly's pet adoption drive won't see the human crush and mad rush more typical of Black Friday.

You can find ACCT Philly in North Philadelphia at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140. The facility will be open on from 8am to 8pm on Black Friday and adoption specials will be held all day long.


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