9 Best Pet Products of 2012 - Awards From The 2012 Global Pet Expo

9 Best Pet Products of 20129 Best Pet Products of 2012

The Global Pet Expo, held in Orlando, FL last week, awarded new products in 9 categories: Aquatics, Bird, Boutique, Cat, Dog, Natural Pet, Reptile, Small Animal, and Point of Purchase. Yes, you can say 'so what,' but wait until you see these innovative and impressive products!


1. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Aquatics Category:
    Eshopps Jellyfish and Lionfish

Want to see some eery aquarium ornaments?  Catch these and see if they don't look real.  We found the Eshopps Jellyfish at Amazon.


Aquarium Jellyfish ornaments by EshoppsAquarium Jellyfish ornaments by Eshopps


No sign of Eshopp's Lionfish on sale, yet, but take a look at this video of it! Eeeeeery!




2. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Bird Category:
    A&E Cage Company, Java Tree Play Stand With Carvings

Found at PetsTruly.com; birds not included.  This stand is likely taller than you are, suitable for an aviary, so don't be surprised when you see the price at over $500. A smaller and less expensive version is here.


Java Tree Play Stand with CarvingsJava Tree Play Stand with Carvings


3. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Boutique Category:
    Tastybone USA, Tastybone Trio

These come in the large and small variety and are intended for strong chewers to help keep their teeth clean and their gums free of tartar. Tastybone Trio Small, Large


Tasty Bone TrioTasty Bone Trio


4. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Cat Category:
    Ware Manufacturing, Sky Climber Cat Ladder

I haven't found this exact climber for sale yet, but I did find this image, and the Sky Climber looks very handsome and cat-nifty! Since it is not yet for sale, I found another interesting Cat Ladder to check out.


Sky Climber Cat Ladder: image via vetstreet.comSky Climber Cat Ladder: image via vetstreet.com


5. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Dog Category:
    Himalayan Corp., Yaky Puff

"Himalayan Yaky Puff Dog Chews are crunchy cheese treats made from cow and yak milk. Made by a consortium of 700 farmers in the Himalayas, mostly in Nepal, Himalayan Dog Chews are made from cow and yak milk using an ancient recipe and techniques still prevalent in the Himalayas." You can see a wide variety of Himalayan Dog Chews here.


Yaky Puffs, dog chews made from cow and yak milkYaky Puffs, dog chews made from cow and yak milk


6. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Natural Pet Category:
    Ware Manufacturing, Hyacinth & Jute Bungalow Balconies

Anyone know about these products?  Drop me a comment below. (I dropped a line to the manufacturer.)


7. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Reptile Category:
    Rolf C. Hagen Corp., Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium

This is a solid glass, air-tight Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium measuring 18" x 24" x 14".  The decor, unfortunately, is not included.


Exo Terra Turtle TerrariumExo Terra Turtle Terrarium



8. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Small Animal Category:
    Ware Manufacturing, Panoramic Habitats

Pets can see you, you can see them. More environment; that's what we all need.  Ware Manufacturing has a whole range of panoramic habitats and carriers for your rabbits, hamsters, mice, and other small pets.  Here's one that I like for its unique shape, the Canvas 8-Panel Clean Living Small Pet Playpen Cage.


Panoramic habitat for small pets by Ware ManufacturingPanoramic habitat for small pets by Ware Manufacturing


 9. Global Pet Expo 2012 Best In Show, Point of Purchase Category:
     Tropiclean Fresh Breath End Cap Complete

For those of you not in the trade or a trade that uses 'point-of-purchase,' they are products that are included in their manufacturer's displays.  They may be counter size or full-size stand alones, and they contain advertising directed towards sale of the product. The full size are referred to as 'end caps' because they are usually located at the end of a store aisle.

Tropiclean is a breath freshener for dogs that comes in a variety of forms.  But the Best in Show award went to this end cap display....


Tropiclean Fresh Breath End Cap for store displayTropiclean Fresh Breath End Cap for store display


Now, there were additional awards given at the Global Pet Expo 2012.  Second and third bests in each pet product category were super pet-friendly too.  You can find these winners listed at PetProductNews.com. You can buy most of the Best Pet Products of 2012 from Amazon Pets.

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That's the buzz for today!


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Mar 26, 2012
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Best Pet Products 2012

Quite a variety here that made the list, always interesting to see what's coming next and you sure have everything that's current on your site.
Simply deliteful!
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May 27, 2012
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