Do your little monsters love the Easter Bunny? Do you want
to traumatize them so badly that they never want another Easter Basket in their
lives? If so, you've come to the right place. Here are 8 stuffed rabbits so
scary your kids will be afraid to get out of bed on Easter Sunday.

Road Kill Rabbit

Ready to give your child an introduction to the real world,
where adorable animals are sacrificed to the gods of the daily commute? Then
this cuddly road kill plush with guts strewn about will let your little one appreciate
nature for what it really is -extremely fragile. At least she'll get a nice
lesson in anatomy in the process.

Patricia Waller's Pitchfork


Like the roadkill rabbit, this little knitted bunny by Patricia Waller shows
kids how animals live in the real world. Those that munch on crops are the
first to get hunted down and run through with pitchforks.

Zombie Bunny

What do those dead little rabbits do to get revenge on those
that have harmed them? Come back from the dead and go on a rabid rabbit killing
spree, of course. Give this guy to your baby and you're certain to haunt his
dreams with images of one-eyed rabbits hopping very slowly towards their next

Bunnywith Homesick Abortion

What better way to teach your child about the birds and the
bees than to show them what happens when a mommy and a daddy don't love each
other very, very much
? Isn't it cute? The bloody little tissue mass wants to come
back to its safe, warm womb is a great way to remind little girls about the
wages of sin.