There are lists like this all over the internet but they always feature the same staples of folklore and cryptozoological fame. Here you will not find Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. These creatures are the lesser known uglies that creep quietly beneath pop culture, making them all the more likely to scare the bejeezus out of you since certain television stations have not yet driven their names into the ground and made them laughable.

Without further ado, pull those covers up tight and face these monsters:



 7. Mongolian Death Worm

Many people believe that there is quite a unique species of worms living out in the Gobi desert. Known as the Mongolian Death Worm, this monster is said to be up to five feet in length and spits a venomous substance from its horrendous-looking mouth. As if this wasn't enough, those that have seen the Death Worm state that it has the appearance of spilled cow intestines. It all sounds like something out of a bad monster movie but eyewitness accounts have made the creature a thing of legend. More than that, the majority of people living in the area insist that the creature exists and steer clear of areas where it has reportedly been sighted, making it a likely candidate for monsters that might actually exist.



 6. Champ

We said there would be no Loch Ness Monster in this post... but we said nothing about a creature that could very well be its long lost cousin. Many believe that there is a monster in America's Lake Champlain.  Known lovingly as Champ, this monster has many of the same traits as Nessie: a long serpentine body, fins along its sides, a head that pops out above the water every now and then, and an uncanny ability to dodge cameras. Champ sightings have somehow evolved into a cutesy tourist attraction, but those that claim to have seen Champ have nothing cute to report.  Like Nessie, there are murky and inconclusive pictures to be found everywhere. But maybe the most convincing bit of Champ evidence comes in the form of this home video captured by fishermen.



 5. The Ropen

Stories of the Ropen have been widespread through Papua New Guinea since the 1940s and these reports weren't just from bored locals but from members of the Army. Described as a demon-like creature with leathery wings, a spear-tipped tail and a birdlike beak filled with teeth, many experts believe the Ropen could actually be a surviving dinosaur. Details of the creature line up almost perfectly with certain breeds of pterosaurs. Of course, this description does nothing to stem the horror of this potential monster... either this monstrous creature is a demon-bird thing or there is a breed of living dinosaurs alive and well in Papua New Guinea.



 4. Tokoloshe

Image: This Just In...Run for Your LivesImage: This Just In...Run for Your Lives

The Tokoloshe is one of those creatures that seems impossible, but years of eyewitness testimony from reputable people make it hard to ignore. As a staple of South American folklore, the Tokoloshe is said to be a small dwarf-like monster that is covered in hair. Recent reports of the creature fall in line with supporting folklore, as it attacks cows before milking them for sustenance. Typically a menace to children, the Tokoloshe also appears to adults, particularly females. According to legends and real life reports, the monster either disappears or darts off rapidly if it is seen before closing in on its victim. There seems to be no deadly intent to the Tokoloshe, just a mean sort of curiosity.



 3. Black Dogs

These creepy canines are reported throughout portions of Europe and the US. Reported as early as the 1500s, these massive black dogs are often described as having bright red eyes. They also appear as if they were ghosts, there one moment and gone the next. Such traits have earned them the nickname of Hell Hounds, a fitting description according to those that have reportedly seen them. Many reports also indicate that when the dogs growl, a smell of sulphur fills the air and the eyewitness is overcome with fear. With long fanglike teeth to round out the hellish appearance, this is one dog you want to shy away from on those ill-advised walks through the countryside at night.



 2. Chupacabra

Alien hybrid or vampire wolf...either way, we're steering clear.Alien hybrid or vampire wolf...either way, we're steering clear.

The Chupacabra has become rather well known, but that's not why it places so high on this list. The fact of the matter is that a great many zoologists believe that the creature known as the Chupacabra (or the Goat Sucker in some areas) could very well be a reality.  Of course, some of the reports of the creature could have been stretched. The Chupacabra has varying descriptions, which causes some of the uncertainty. Some say it looks like a small dinosaur or other reptilian creature with a series of quills along its back. Others report a malnourished figure that resembles a coyote with glowing red eyes and unnerving fangs. It was first reported when Puerto Rican farmers and ranchers discoverer their goats dead, drained of blood and with torn throats. Reports have since spread to Mexico and Texas. Whether or not you believe in the Chupacabra, one thing remains true: more than 2,000 animal mutilations in Puerto Rico alone have been blamed on the Chupacabra.



 1. Popobawa

Sweet dreams!Sweet dreams!

Don't let the cute and funny name fool you. This monster earned the Number One spot on this list with good reason. The Popobawa almost defies explanation. It is a dwarf-sized creature with only one eye that flies around on bat-like wings while grabbing at its victims with its sharp talons. Reports of this creature started surfacing in 1972 throughout the Zanzibar Islands and other locales throughout Africa, and those reports weren't the sort of thing to share at the dinner table. According to victims, the Popobawa appears at night and sodomizes men in their beds.

Of course, such a creature could easily be dismissed as being too horrific to exist but doctors' reports describing bruises and broken bones as a result of these attacks are hard to dispute. Many skeptics argue that the fact it occurs at night, while the men are sleeping, indicates some sort of night terror or hallucination brought on by a waking dream. This, of course, is countered with the fact that this would mean hundreds of men have shared the same hallucination with the same results.

Real or not fellas... just try to imagine stirring awake and seeing this staring down at you!


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