What better time than the Halloween season to celebrate the fact that pets aren't often as cuddly and lovable as we think. If Hollywood is good for anything, it's showing us the evil side of things... even to our household pets. Here's a list of the five most monstrous pets taken from movies that any member of the family can cringe at. Warning... spoilers ahead!


5. LUCIFER - Cinderella

It's a Disney movie, so there's really nothing very scary about Lucifer. But this cat is just as mean as the wicked stepmother that spoils him. From tormenting those poor little (and poorly dressed) mice, to getting Cinderella's aging dog in trouble every chance he gets, Lucifer was an introduction for many children that sometimes, cats have a bit of an evil streak in them.

See Lucifer at his worst in Disney's Cinderella.



4. GIZMO - Gremlins

 Yes, Gizmo was irresistibly cute but he came with so many rules that you'd think there would be a Pet Owner's Instruction Manual that came with him. Taking care of a mogwai (Gizmo's species) took pet care far beyond early morning walks and proper grooming. If you've seen this classic film, you know what happens when a mogwai eats too late... or, worse than that, if he gets wet. Talk about the stresses of being a new pet owner! Also, if you haven't seen Gremlins, remedy that as soon as you can.

 Trust us...you'd rather have a hamster.Trust us...you'd rather have a hamster.

See the not-so-cute side of the mogwai in Gremlins.



3. CHURCH - Pet Semetary

There are innumerable messed up things about this movie but chief among them is the Creed family's cat, Church. After it was run over in the road, the father buries him in a peculiar graveyard that was once thought to hold magical healing powers. Church does indeed come back but he returns with the stink of rot on him. Also, he enjoys killing mice and throwing them into the bathtub while his masters are bathing. As a kid watching this, the first time we see Church in his resurrected form made me jump to the ceiling.

Church is not happy to see you.Church is not happy to see you.
See for yourself why you should never resurrect the family pet in Pet Semetary.

2. MAX - Man's Best Friend

If you've seen this movie, you already know why its on this list. A dog, Max, escaped from a seedy looking facility where animal experiments are being conducted. The dog is then befriended by an unsuspecting lady and, as you might guess given that this is a horror movie, bloody and yucky events ensue. While the movie is a bit cheesy, the ferocity of Max is pretty top notch. A particular scene that gives new energy to the dogs vs. cats battle of ages will stick with you for quite a while.

Bring on the dog catcherBring on the dog catcher


Watch Man's Best Friend and learn why you need to be selective of choosing stray pets as your own.



1. CUJO - Cujo

A no-brainer, really. Cujo lands the top spot on this list because the story is a horror that could very well be real. A large Saint Bernard dog is bitten by a bat and given rabies. The rabies don't really hit their peak until Cujo's master, a car mechanic, leaves for a week. This is especially unfortunate for the woman who brings her car to be serviced just seconds before the engine dies for good. Along with her son, they remain trapped in the car as Cujo seeks a way in. The portrayal of rabies in the film is dead on and Dee Wallace plays an amazing terrorized woman. A great movie and easily one of the most horrifying animals in movie history.

A rabid dog as written by Stephen King...can it get any worse?A rabid dog as written by Stephen King...can it get any worse?

Watch Cujo and get a new respect for the value pet vaccinations.

Sure, some of us may have differing opinions of "monstrous." If you feel that your favorite savage pet didn't make the list, let me know in the comments!

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