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5 Ingenious Ways To Hide Cable From Your Pets

Evil Cat has Chewed my Cords: Image by Vagabond Shutterbug, FlickrEvil Cat has Chewed my Cords: Image by Vagabond Shutterbug, Flickr

Part of pet proofing the home to create a safe environment for your new companion is finding a fool-proof way to hide cable from your pets. Here are some ingenious ways to keep both the cable and your pets safe and secure.

Hide Cable Tip #1: Cable Drawings

Maisie Maud Broadhead came up with the ingenious idea of using cable drawings to keep cables both out of reach from pets, and not loose and messy, without completely hiding them from site. Depending on how long the cable is, you can create any design with the use of your own cable, cable clips, and blue tack. Consider printing a template to help with accuracy and look.

Hide Cable Tip #2: Adhesive Backed Cord Clips

Cats, dogs, and most other pets won't be able to chew on cables and wires if they're out of reach. Some standard adhesive backed cord clips like Wiremold CM81 Cable Clips Adhesive Backed Cord and Cable Organizer can help with this. These can allow you to easily attached numerous wires to your walls and furniture services.

Hide Cable Tip #3: Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper

A homemade bitter spray of vinegar and cayenne pepper can be made to keep cats and dogs away from cables and wires. If the smell doesn't deter them, than the taste will. Try mixing one part water with one part vinegar, and about 8 parts water, varying based on how strong you want it. Be sure to turn all electronics off, make sure no cables are damaged or frayed (repare ones that are), and then spray the mixture on problem areas. This can also be used to deter cats and dogs from chewing or scratching on other problem areas in the home.

Untitled: Image by Peardg, FlickrUntitled: Image by Peardg, Flickr

Hide Cable Tip #4: Spiral Cable Wrap

Some good quality spiral cable wrap like Vaisis Spiral Harness Wrap can house numerous cords to keep them hidden and safe from potential pet damage. Spiral cable wrap will keep wires tightly bundled to stop them from getting tangled and the hard plastic will help prevent chewing and scratching problems. The generally come in a number of colors to match the decor of any room.

Hide Cable Tip #5: Rain Gutter

Rain gutters are great for office situations, and can be a fantastic cable management solution. The rain gutter can be attached to the bottom of a table or desk, toward the back, and attached with hangers, end caps, joiner nuts and fasteners. This will provide a barely noticeable, clean looking way to keep the cords hidden and safe from potential damage. 

It can be attached by driving screws into the bottom of the table, and attaching them to the hangers with some joiner nuts. The rain gutter can be hung from those. You may need to cut holes in the rain gutter for any extra table legs.

With these clever ways to hide wires, both your pets and cords will be a little safer. Have you found any clever ways to hide wires? Feel free to share in the comments!

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