Image by Sha-Put-Ski, FlickrImage by Sha-Put-Ski, FlickrExercise is extremely beneficial to both you and your pet. With the right exercise routine, you can bond with your dog, and get a fantastic work out. Read on to learn 5 great ways to exercise with your dog.

Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Have fun exercising with your dog using these 5 methods.

1. Walk him

Walking is a fantastic bonding and training activity for you and your dog. It provides great exercise for both human and pet, and can even help to relieve stress. The length of your walk should vary based on the age of your dog. Take precautions during hot weather against over heating and hot pavement that can damage your dog's paws.

2. Jog With Him

Dogs are often confined to the house or the back yard, so your dog will have a blast going out jogging or running with you. Be sure that you don't jump right into an arduous running routine, though. Start out slowly, and keep an eye on your dog. If he starts slowing down or falls behind you, it's time to take a break. Gauge how dog your dog handles the run, and then gradually increase the duration of the jogging routine.

3. Doga

Doga is a new trend that can greatly promote bonding between you and your pet. Take some Doga classes, and let your dog share the yoga mat with you. Your local kennel will be able to tell you if Doga classes are available in your area.

4. Swimming

Image by Theilr, FlickrImage by Theilr, FlickrIf you happen to have access to a dog friendly swimming pool or lake, you should definitely take advantage of it. Water-based exercise is both fun and extremely beneficial for humans and animals, so you won't regret it. However, not every dog is a natural swimmer, so be sure you keep a close eye on your furry friend. 

5. Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog using a Frisbee or a ball can be fantastic exercise, and a great bonding activity. Best of all, your dog won't think of it as exercise, but play. When your dog finally catches that Frisbee, it can be an extremely satisfying moment for both you and the dog. If you're training with a Frisbee, start by tipping the Frisbee upside down like a food dish to get your dog familiar with it. 

With these 5 exercising activities, you and your dog will be in great shape. Keep a close eye on your dog to make sure that he doesn't over-exert himself, and have fun! 

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