Whether you celebrate Easter, love the Spring, want to do something cute and eco-friendly for Earth Day (April 22nd) or just love bunnies below are 5 bunny crafts made of recycled material to inspire you to live a little greener and a little hoppier. Get it? Hoppier!


Bunny Number 1. Wonder Bunny

Ruby Re-usablesRuby Re-usables

This cute bunny, created by Diane Kurzyna, also known as Ruby Re-usables, is stuffed with reused bubble wrap and is held together with (new) clear packaging tape. The bunny is 8 1/2" high, 14" wide, and 13" long. He was created in a smoke-free, pet-free art studio, is made of Wonder bread plastic bags and is called Wonder Bunny. Take note that Wonder Bunny, is not a toy. He serves as a decorative piece only. "WB is a piece of neo-folk art, and like many pieces of art, should not be displayed in direct sunlight."  So keep him out of the sun if you don't want to traumatize your children.


Bunny Number 2. Cashmere With Wool Bunnies


Another set of delightful bunnies can also be found at Etsy. The crafter behind these soft fluffy creatures is user goldenneedlecreations. These very adorable bunnies are made of a recycled cashmere sweater and are stuffed with wool. Each bunny has bright glass bead eyes, an embroidered pink nose, lop-style ears, and a fluffy tail. Each bunny measures from 2" to 4" in length. If you check out the rest of her gallery you will also notices baby chicks, more cute bunnies and babies too.


Bunny Number 3. Bunny Softie

Kate PerryKate Perry

Bunny Softie comes with step by step how-to make instructions from Kate Perry on Craftzine, and is preceded by a sweet story of a bunny she made for a boy she had a crush on, that is now her husband. Her bunny in a way is her cupid and as a "rabbit maniac" as she calls herself she makes and gives bunnies to people she loves. So if you love someone and you love bunnies and you want to make a connection with the person you love give Kate's instructions a try. Make your own Bunny Softie out of recycled material and then hand it to someone you love.


Bunny Number 4. Sock Bunnies

 Heather DonohueHeather Donohue

These bunnies are made from old baby and kid socks. I really like this idea because I can relate to is. As of right now I have a box full of these kinds of socks too. Now I'm not a very crafty person, nor do I have time for making crafts, but I like to know that when I post this box of socks as an offer on Freecycle I can also post this link from Inhabitots written by Heather Donohue in my Freecycle offer to inspire a fellow Freecycler to make these cute little sock bunnies with my kids' old socks via her great instructions. She also has instructions for making sock chicks, sock eggs, and check out the sock bunny in the carrot car. Very cute!


Bunny Number 5. Giant Dust Bunnies

 Suzanne ProulxSuzanne Proulx

These life sized recycled bunnies, sculpted by Suzanne Proulx are my personal favorite. Her artwork is truly innovative and inspiring to me. Her way of innovative thinking takes recycling into a completely different level I feel we should all consider. It speaks volumes about how the impact of even the smallest of trash, when collected and reused - can make a big difference. She proves it with these large sculptured bunnies. If you don't see what I'm talking about, move a little closer to the picture and look closely at the bunnies. Look beyond the adorable exterior of the bunnies and look closely at what the bunnies are made of. These adorable bunnies are a collection of dust, lint, hair and other discards around the house, it took Proulx months to collect. Can you see it? It makes me wonder what I can sculpt with the discards in my house. How about you?

I hope you enjoyed these crafty earth-friendly finds. May your spring be filled with bunnies, greenness and smiles.