With the cold season quickly approaching, you may be wondering how to keep your dog warm this winter. The answer comes with recognizing how easily your dog gets cold and taking the proper precautions. Here are some obvious and not so obvious ways to warm your dog up this winter:

Warm Dog Tip #1: Know Your Dog

Every dog is susceptible to the cold to some degree, but some are more susceptible than others. Breed of dog can determine important things during the winter, such as how long he can stay outside, if he's safe as an outside dog during the winter, or if he needs to stay solely an inside dog. Things to consider include whether or not your pup has long, thick, thin, or short fur, if he's a tropical climate dog, and his age, health, and weight.

Warm Dog Tip #2: Dress In Warm Clothing

Some dogs will need some extra help keeping warm during the winter. Dog sweaters and dog coats work great for this purpose. A good dog sweater like Fashion Pet Bone Patch Cable Dog Sweater will help keep the average indoor dog warm during cold temperatures.

To help keep your dog warm outside in the snow, you'll need something warmer, and preferably waterproof. A good warm dog coat like Kakadu Pet Explorer Nylon Fleece Reflective Dog Coat should do the trick.

Warm Dog Tip #3: Keep His Paws Warm

To keep your dog warm during the winter, it's also important to keep his feet warm. Dogs regulate their temperature through their feet and tongue, so a covering to keep their feet warmer doesn't hurt. Coverings can also protect sensitive paws from salts and other harmful chemicals which are often used in the winter.

As mentioned in 3 Best Products To Protect Your Dog's Paws On Snow and Ice, good dog boots like Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots will stay on your dogs feet and keep them dry and warm from the snow. If your dog won't wear boots, Musher's Secret paw wax is a good option which can help protect your dog's paws from ice and salt. 

Warm Dog Tip #4: Provide Insulated Shelter

Dog House: Image by Dbrulz123, FlickrDog House: Image by Dbrulz123, Flickr

Insulating a shelter for your dog is particularly important if he's an outside dog, or if he spends a lot of time outside. Even if you have a dog that's designed to handle cold weather, it's a good idea to bring him inside during the night hours when it gets particularly cold.

To keep your dog warm outside, it's important to provide him with a warm dog house. This can be done with insulation. This can be done by attaching carpet to the bottom of the dog house, insulating it with straw, or adding a heat pad to the bottom of the dog house. Some owners also put heat lamps inside the dog house for added warmth and light. If you do anything electrical, be sure to set it up so the dog can't chew on any wires or get burnt.

A great article on 6 House Warming Ideas For Dog Houses can be helpful offering ideas on ways to have a warmer house for your dog. 

Warm Dog Tip #5: Make Sure There Is Warm Bedding

If you have an inside dog, but a cool house, provide him with a nice warm dog bed. Make sure that you raise the bed off of the floor, and place it somewhere that's free from drafts. Adding a hot water bottle or a heating pad to the bed can help to keep it extra warm during the cold season. (Of course, make sure that any heating pad is only on for a very short time and make sure you carefully monitor the heat level of the heating pad.) Check this article for recommendations for the 10 Coolest Heated Products To Keep Your Pets Warm and Safe.

With these tips, you can keep your dog warm this winter season. Be sure to keep a close eye on your dog during extreme temperatures, and take precautions to prevent hypothermia, frost bite, and other winter ailments.


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