Kittens!: Image by London Looks, FlickrKittens!: Image by London Looks, Flickr

Adopting a first cat is a bigger step then most people think. Many people aren't aware of the veterinary costs that are involved, the proper food they should be feeding their cat, or even how much their cat should be fed. Keep reading to learn some common mistakes that first time cat owners make.

1. Not Spaying/Neutering

Unless you plan to breed your kitties, there's very few reasons not to spay or neuter them. Even if you do plan to breed, the population of homeless cats is so overwhelmingly high that it might be a good idea to reconsider. Many people regret not spaying or neutering their cat. If you own a male cat, someday you're going to have to deal with him spraying everywhere, and constantly trying to escape to get outside. If you have a female, you'll have to deal with a consistent mewing while she's in heat, or worse, a surprise litter of kittens.

2. Failure To Consider Veterinary Care And Cost

When people get their brand new cat, they often don't consider veterinary costs, not to mention the fact that their cat will need regular check ups to stay completely up to date on their health. Just remember that cats need vaccinations, regular examinations, and immediate veterinary care in case they get sick or injured. Therefore, you should only get a cat if you're sure you can provide it with the care it needs. 

3. Feeding Cheap, Dry Food

The majority of cat owners, particularly new cat owners, make the mistake of feeding their cat dry food. Or worse, cheap dry food that's filled with grain and other substances that your cat shouldn't eat. Not only that, but cats aren't likely to drink a lot of water, as they get most of their hydration from the food they eat. For the best results, avoid dry food altogether, and get your cat a natural alternative like Evanger's Organic Canned Cat Food. For an even better option, consider feeding your cat a completely raw diet. For more information, read Cat Food: The Basics Of Feeding Your Cat A Raw Diet.

Kitten: Image by Jerrroen, FlickrKitten: Image by Jerrroen, Flickr

4. Not Keeping The Litter Clean

Cats are extremely clean creatures, and they don't like to go to the bathroom in dirty, stinky litter. Therefore, not keeping the litter nice and clean can lead to litter box avoidance, and "accidents" where you don't want them. Clean the litter box twice a day or more to avoid this. If you are keeping the litter nice and clean and your cat is still missing it, it might be due to a health problem such as a urinary tract infection. If this is the case, take your cat to the vet immediately to get him checked out.

5. Not Keeping The Cat Groomed

While it's true that cats are very clean creatures, and are generally okay at keeping themselves clean, there are some measures you'll need to take to help your cat feel clean and healthy. Little things like brushing, nail trims, and baths will help your cat feel the best he can. Also be sure to keep up on dental hygiene, as it's a common problem with cats. Try reading Home Remedies For A Smelly Cat for more information. 

Can you think of any mistakes that aren't listed here? Feel free to share in the comments! 

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