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5 Best Pet Tracking Systems


 Tagg - The Pet Tracker attaches to pet's collarTagg - The Pet Tracker attaches to pet's collar


A missing pet is one of the worst situations we pet lovers may have to endure. Having had a few guys go missing in my years of pet owning, that sense of helplessness is triggered by even remote reminders of the possibility of losing my pet - like when my cat doesn't respond to his call for supper or my dog doesn't respond to a few commands to "Come!"

Today's pet tracking systems are so sophisticated that some can find your cat, dog, farm animal, or even tortoise, whether he is on your property, your neighbor's, or clear across town.  An investment in one could save your pet's life and certainly help alleviate that sense of powerlessness that overcomes you when you pet goes missing. Powerful systems like that come with a price tag, but there are less expensive trackers on the market too; it all depends on your needs.

Here are 5 pet tracking systems that have the best reputations among U.S. and Canadian customers. They are listed from highest price to lowest. 

(For yor convenience, I have linked to Amazon (who is an affiliate of ours) so you can see and ready more about the. You can find these items at most major pet product retailers.)


Best Pet Tracking System No. 1: Garmin Astro 320 Dog Tracking GPS Bundle with DC40 Wireless Transmitter Collar

The Garmin Astro 320 is a good choice for farming, hunting, and hiking dogs, as well as pets that live in rural areas or on unfenced properties. It comes with its own collar that reads your pet's position every 5 seconds and sends it to your convenient hand-held GPS device, every bit as reliable as other Garmin GPS products, which displays detailed map information, including altitudes.  The DC40 Wireless Transmitter Collar that is available bundled with the system works in all weather; it combines a high sensitivity GPS receiver and a VHF antenna into one transmitter. For purchase at Amazon.

 Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS System With Wireless Transmitter CollarGarmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS System With Wireless Transmitter Collar


Best Pet Tracking System No 2: RoamEO Pet Monitor System

The RoamEO Pet Monitor System is made by Pet Tronix and, without all the bells and whistles of the Astro system above, it operates much the same way - the system combining radio frequencies with GPS technologies.  The tracking range is shorter than the Astro, and the RoamEO does not read altitudes, but most customers are very satisfied with the RoamEO, and they may not have the same concerns as those who use the system for hunting or mountain hiking.  Pet Tronix gets high ratings for customer service, if there should be any difficulties with your unit.  I like having a dedicated pet GPS tracker, which both the Astro and the RoamEO have.  Check out more of the RoamEO Pet Monitor System here.


RoamEO Pet Monitor SystemRoamEO Pet Monitor System



Best Pet Tracking System No 3: Loc8tor Pet - Ultimate Wireless Pet Locator

While it's debatable if the Loc8tor Pet is the "ultimate" wireless pet finder, customers do like it for its ability to find pets that hang out fairly close-by when they do leave home. The pet tags are small enough to tape to a tortoise's back, but certainly for a 10 - 12 pound cat, are not too heavy to weigh his collar down, and indeed, most customers appear to be cat owners. The system comes with 2 'homing tags, a small hand held locator, and some nick-knacks for mounting and hanging your locator (Customers advise against using these.) Use for two pets, or one pet and a set of car keys!  Locate your Loc8tor Pet system here.


Loc8tor Pet - Ultimate Wireless Pet LocatorLoc8tor Pet - Ultimate Wireless Pet Locator



Best Pet Tracking System No 4: Tagg -The Pet Tracker Master Kit

Tagg - The Pet Tracker is a pet locator and an activity tracker, which helps you monitor your pet's health.  The locator functions with GPS technology and works with any phone or computer with SMS capability, as it messages you by email or text and then enables you to find your pet on a map.  Free apps are available for Android and iPhones even give you driving directions, but the tracking service is not free; it's about $8.00 a month, and you cannot use the system without paying that service fee.

Pet owners define the areas where their pets are 'supposed' to be, and whenever they leave that vicinity, they are alerted. Be alerted too to the fact that tracking is static, not continuous, like the Garmin or RoamEO systems.  So you will need to keep asking it to track to get more recent information.

The collar attachments are lightweight but too large for pets under 10 pounds.  The Tagg Pet Tracker is available at Amazon.com.


Tagg - The Pet Tracker Master Kit - Collar attachment and chargerTagg - The Pet Tracker Master Kit - Collar attachment and charger



Best Pet Tracking System No 5: Ez-find! for Pets

EZ-find for Pets is really intended for close range searching, as it has limited - 60 feet inside, 100 feet outdoor - range.  It purportedly does work, however, within those ranges, so if you have pets who like to hide, especially when they nap, this is the gadget for you.

The EZ-find for Pets is adapted from a general household system, so items such as keys, purses, sunglasses and other things that 'hide' may be added to the system. Unfortunately, as with most locator systems, the pet collar attachment is too heavy for pets under 10 pounds; but you could attach it more safely to a pet harness. The EZ-find for Pets is here!


Ez-find! for PetsEz-find! for Pets


In Britain, one of the favorites is the Retrieva GPS Pet Tracker, but I have not found it available in the U.S.

When checking out the 5 best pet tracking systems available in the U.S., make sure you learn about the battery lives of each unit, so that when you purchase the units, you are backed up with the right batteries and/or charging unit.

That's the buzz for today!


Dec 11, 2012
by Anonymous
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No 4: Tagg -The Pet Tracker

No 4: Tagg -The Pet Tracker Master Kit
This device does support Continuous Tracking and does allow for pets to be tracked continuously for 30 minute sessions during a breached condition.

Track - If you are trying to find a lost pet, you can initiate Track, and the Tagg system will provide you an updated location every 3 minutes for 30 minutes. The Track button will be available to you after performing a Locate, if the pet is outside the Tagg Zone.


Jul 23, 2014
by Anonymous
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Nice system, had for almost

Nice system, had for almost three years-quit yesterday. The telephone support at first was wonderful, now terrible-difficult to understand poorly trained operators. Will rely on the chip. 7/23/14

Sep 8, 2014
by Anonymous
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I agree Tagg as become a

I agree Tagg as become a nightmare ,after 3 years with them my dog lost the tracker in the park and first they wouldnt be able to find the device,and after they want to sell to me a new one at 5% discount,and when i found one used i try to connect with them and they increase my monthly payment!!!!! Nice people!!!!!!
I cancel immediatly and i will not make business with them anymore

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