Sure we've all seen dogs that may have accidentally used the bathroom in our yard, or even a wandering bear that has ventured out of the woods to wreak havoc on our back porch.  Beyond all of these harmless and maybe even cute breaches in animals being properly trained, however, there are a few instances where animals have been involved in nefarious (and rather odd) crimes. Some of them are funny, while others have tragic outcomes.

Here are five examples of animals committing crimes.

Three meals a day and TV? It was soooo worth it!Three meals a day and TV? It was soooo worth it!Dog Attacks Cat; Dog Goes to Jail: In 1924, a black Labrador Retriever was sentenced to life in prison for killing the governor's wife's cat. This was a classic example of an eccentric abuse of power, as the governor had a longstanding friendship with the prison's warden.  The dog, known as Pep, did in fact serve the rest of his life behind the bars of Philadelphia State Prison. He died there six years after being sentenced.


An Elephant Gets the Gallows:  We can maybe discount the absurdity of this story to the fact that it occurred in 1916. The circus had come to town and everyone was ready to put on a great show...everyone, that is, except the animal handler. He was signed on the spot and had very little experience working with large animals. Imagine his discomfort when he was faced with having to handle an elephant. Due to his inexperience with a large elephant named Mary, a good deal of stomping and screaming ensued. The handler was trampled to death and the spectators quickly morphed into an angry mob. Taking matters into their own hands, they lynched Mary to a crane on the grounds and hung her. This was after failing to kill her by shooting and electrocuting her. News of the event spread across the area and a large number of people watched. Thankfully that was nearly 100 years ago and people (for the most part) have a much different approach to handling animals.

Drunk Monkeys: We'll sidestep the sad outcome of Mary the Elephant with something comical: drunk monkeys. If you happen to be vacationing at St. Kitt's, remember the most important rule of all: don't set your drinks down. The large monkey population is well-known for snatching up alcoholic drinks and having a little fun of their own. Monkeys are often seen fighting over drinks and stumbling around intoxicated. While funny, it is a legitimate problem. Locals believe that the monkeys have inherited a sort of dependence on alcohol, as their ancestors had easy access  due to the rum industry running through St. Kitts nearly 300 years ago. 

That's really going to make my deductible go through the roof...That's really going to make my deductible go through the roof...A Bear Steals a Car: On a quaint
night at Lake Tahoe, the McCarthy family was stirred awake by the
blaring of a car horn outside. When they went out to see what the
commotion was all about, they discovered that a bear had somehow not
only opened the doors to their car, but it had also climbed in and
gotten wedged inside. To get inside, the bear apparently dislodged the
seats and threw them aside. As if that wasn't impressive enough, the
bear also managed to throw the car into reverse as it tried to fight its
way out of the car. From there, the bear coasted down the driveway in
the car before crashing into a neighbor's yard. The bear was jostled free
in the wreck, thus allowing him to escape before the awkward situation
of having to provide its insurance information to the McCarthy's.

Octopus Anarchy: An octopus at an aquarium in Germany figured out that it wasn't very fair that it was being trapped for spectators to see. Relying on the smarts that octopi are known to have, this octopus, known as Otto, started to cause as much mischief as he could. This involved a wide number of less than admirable antics, including throwing rocks against the glass, rearranging the aquarium props to confuse his fellow residents, and even juggling the hermit crabsNot a creature you'd think would have a sense of humorNot a creature you'd think would have a sense of humor. All of this pales in comparison to the day that Otto was able to partially pull himself up to the edge of the aquarium and shoot a stream of water directly into one of the overhead lights. This trick put out every light in the building and caused electrical shorts. The maintenance staff fixed the problem, to which Otto responded by doing the trick over and over again until they finally figured out how he doing it.

See...these examples should make you feel much better about that annoying little hairball mess your cat makes from time to time.






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