Everyone has a favorite holiday. Some people count down the days until Christmas. Other people go into a swoon over Valentine's Day.  For a special group of people, Halloween tops the list for their favorite holiday. With the costumes, the decorations and the candy - it's clear why it's a fun holiday loved by many. Your fun on Halloween doesn't have to stop short of your pets. With some simple steps to make sure they are taken care of, you can have your pets join in your Halloween fun.



1. Focus On Safety Above All

When including your pet in your Halloween festivities, it's important to make sure their safety is your top priority. Pets don't know what to expect and any festivities can bring on a lot of fear-inducing factors such as loud noises, strobe lighting, large unfamiliar structures, and overzealous children. Pets can become overwhelmed with everything that is happened and may react in fear. So keep a close eye on your pet and make sure they're comfortable at all times. It may be a good idea to inform neighboring households that your pet will be participating in your festivities so they can keep an extra eye out for any abnormal behavior. And of course, be careful to follow night time safety tips.

 2. Prepare Your Pet So They Feel Comfortable

Pets who are unfamiliar with the setting will typically react the most. Spend the time leading up to the event preparing your pet by exposing your pet to different factors that could incite fear. For example, if there is going to be a party at the park nearby, go to the park and walk around several times around the time of the party  beforehand.  Consider bringing along a distraction like  a favorite toy or something else familiar to the event and consider compression wear to help relieve their stress. If your pet seems anxious at any point during the event, you should remove them from the situation promptly and have plans in place for how you can do that most easily.

3. Candy Is For Humans Only

One of the joys of Halloween is passing out candy to all of the Trick-or-Treaters. However, when one of the children accidentally drops the candy, your pet may leap at the opportunity to consume the treat. Make sure your pet isn't exposed to any harmful products like chocolate or xylitol, an alternative sweetener, which are both extremely harmful to animals. It is recommended that you hand out pet-safe goodies. Consider cheese crackers or a non-food treat. Kids get plenty of candy as it is and your treat will be a nice alternative to the usual sugary treat. 

4. Choose A Halloween Costume With Safety In Mind

Get your pet fully involved in the festivities by dressing them in costume. Cats may be less inclined to get dressed up but dog Halloween costumes can be adorable and creative. Your pet's costume may be the talk of the block. Show of your pet's personality or find a costume that coordinates with a particular theme. Be sure to get the proper size so the costume fits properly and make sure it is a costume designed for pets like the adorable one below available here.

Cute Dog Costume LederhosenCute Dog Costume Lederhosen

5. Prepare Your Pets To Be Easily Found

Many costumes come with a special slot so your pet can still be safely leashed. Make sure your pet is still wearing its collar and proper identification under the costume. Should anything happen, you'll want your pet to be safely returned to you. You can bring your costumed pet on a stroll through the neighborhood or just stay home and greet guests with greater peace of mind if your pet is ready to be found.

How ever you choose to celebrate Halloween, remember to keep your pet's best interest at heart. Remember that the same safety precautions you practice every day should be applied diligently on Halloween.

Have fun with your pet and you may find Halloween to be your favorite occasion to celebrate with your pet.

Happy Safe Halloween With Pets