Halloween night is an exciting time, and the thrill of a little fear is part of the fun. If you have pets, it's only natural to want them to share in the festivities, but you need to make sure that they stay out of danger. Here are a few tips for keeping your pets safe and happy this Halloween.

Tip #1: Consider Costumes Carefully

Cat with devil hornsCat with devil horns

Dressing your cat as the devil is adorable (and possibly fitting), but you have to make sure he or she feels good abut the costume too. Wearing something unfamilar can make some pets anxious. It's best to try the costume before the big night to make sure there are no unexpected snags.

Tip #2: Give Only Appropriate Treats

 Halloween dogHalloween dog

This means no Halloween candy. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs and cats and the sweetener xylitol, present in many candies, is toxic to them as well. Try stocking up on extra dog and cat treats and leave the candy for the human trick-or-treaters.

Tip #3: Mind the Door

Finally, when those trick-or-treaters do come, be aware that Rover or Mittens might get confused and dash outside. Be sure your pet has his or her identity tag on to ensure a safe return home.

Dog wearing identity tagDog wearing identity tag

 That's all there is to it. Simply following these precautions can prevent real horrors and make for a fun night for people and pets alike.

Source: Alabama Public Radio