Autumn is pumpkin time!

 Pumpkin seasonPumpkin season

You've carved a jack o' lantern and baked a pie, but have you ever thought of feeding pumpkin to your dog or cat? Here are a few situations in which a little pumpkin goes a long way.

#1: Digestive Issues

Pumpkin is full of fiber. Just as fiber is beneficial to humans in staving off both diarrhea and constipation, it has the same benefits for dogs and cats.  Some veterinarians even prescribe pumpkin for these very ailments.

#2: Weight Gain

Pumpkin is filling. If your dog or cat has put on extra pounds, you can replace a  portion of your pet's food with pumpkin, without leaving Fido or Felix unsatisfied. Just be sure to use either cooked fresh pumpkin or unsweetened canned pumpkin, not sugary pumpkin pie filling.

#3: Health Maintenance

Even healthy pets can benefit from eating pumpkin seeds, which are very nutritious. These seeds are high in essential fatty acids which are good for your dog or cat's skin and fur. They are also rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals and contain oils which are thought to support urinary health.

When supplementing with pumpkin, start small. Just add a little (between 1/4 teaspoon for a small cat and 2 tablespoons for a big dog) to your pet's daily diet.

Healthy dog runningHealthy dog running

Whether your pet has an upset tummy, needs to shed a little weight, or could just use a nutritious snack, pumpkin could be a good way to go. What a festive way to keep your pet healthy this fall!



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