For some unknown reason, many folks who have cats as pets have more than one cat in their home. In fact, it is not uncommon for cat lovers to own several cats. So how do you keep track if you have several cats and still want to keep a tidy and organized home? Well, I think it is pretty darn simple. You should  take the basic principles of organization and simply apply it to your cats. But to help make it clear to those of us without the necessary imagination  to figure it out on our own,  I did some basic web research.  After many minutes of scouring the web, here are my tips and ideas on the 20 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Cats:


1. Organize Your Cats By Wrapping And Labeling Them In Brown Paper



2. Organize Your Cats By Putting Them In Apothecary Jars

Source - (relax - no cats were really put into jars!) (Pretty apothecary jars are here.)


3. Organize Your Cat By Storing Them In Your File Cabinet



4. Organize Your Cats By Using Separate Cat Shelves




5. Organize Your Cats By Putting Them In Colored Pots

6. Organize Your Cats Using Spare Teacups

Source. ( I really like these teacups but can't find them anywhere.  But I think this is an adorable mug set for cat lovers.)


7. Organize Your Cats By Sorting Them Into Buckets

Source: Taildom

8. Organize Your Cats By Sorting Them In Separate Laundry Baskets


9. Organize Your CatS By Sorting Each Into Separate File Folders



10. Organize Your Cats Using Handy Shelves

Source (Cat Cloud Shelves available here.)


11. Organize Your Cats By Hanging Them On Separate Hammocks

Source - You can get a great cat hammock for your cat here. For larger animals, there's also a larger pet hammock here.

12. Organize Your Cats By Putting Each In Cheapo Plastic Bins


 13. Organize Your Cats By Putting Each In Stackable Baskets


14. Organize Your Cats By Upcycling  Old Soda Boxes


 If you don't have enough soda boxes, you can just use the wire shelving without the boxes until you  collect enough.

Source: Unknown.

15. Organize Your Cats By Giving Them Their Own Labeled Wooden Boxes




 16.Paper Grocery Bags Bags To Store Your Cat


17. Organize Your Cats Into Separate Moving Boxes


 18.Organize Your Cats By Upcycling Individual Flower Pots



19. Organize Your Cats By Wrapping Them Tightly In Separate Blankets


20. Organize Your Cats By Putting Them In Numbered Boxes


Well, I hope these 20 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Cats will provide you the inspiration you need to go and organize your own cats. Now go organize!

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