14 Dogs That Will Totally Melt Your Heart On Valentine's Day


There is nothing as pure and uncomplicated as the love of a dog. And in the spirit of celebrating love, I wanted to share with you some of the cutest, most adorable pictures of Valentine's Day Dogs I found by scouring the web.

Here are my picks for the 14 Cutest, Most Adorable Valentine's Day Dogs that will surely melt your heart: 

Cute Valentine's Dog #1: Born To Love


Cute Valentine's Dog #2 - You Nose I Love You Right?


Cute Valentine's Dog #3 - I Love Looking At You


Cute Valentine's Dog #4 - I Give You My Heart


Cute Valentine's Dog #5:I Was Picked Just For You!


Cute Valentine's Dog #6 - I Can Never get Enough Of Your Kisses



Cute Valentine's Dog #7 - Thinking Of You Makes Me Smile


Cute Valentine's Dog #8- Whenever I See You, I See Love


Cute Valentine's Dog #9 - We're Clearly Meant For Each Other


Cute Valentine's Dog #10 - I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love


Cute Valentine's Dog #11 - Coffee, Tea or Me?




Cute Valentine's  Dog #12 - I Wear My Heart On My Butt

(source: not available)

Cute Valentine's Dog #13 -

Source: Awwpix.com -no longer active)

Cute Valentine's Dog #14 - You Inspire Me


And here's one for the cat lovers.

Cutest Valentine's Day Cats of All Time? - Made For Each Other


Well, do you agree that these are simply adorable? Do you have any cute Valentine's Day photos you can share?

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Oct 10, 2015
by Anonymous
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This is a great collection

This is a great collection of seriously cute doggies. Love them all.

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