You'd have to have been living under a rock for a really long time to
now know that this is Super Bowl weekend. The fans are busily getting
ready for the big game. They've stocked up on food and drink, and even
gone so far as to dress up their pets in Denver Bronco's and Carolina
Panther's gear. Check it out!


1. Cody the Alpaca

Cody the AlpacaCody the Alpaca

Image via Denver 7 News

Okay, the bulk of these animals fan photos are cats and dogs, but some are a little more out there. This is an alpaca ready for the big day in his Broncos baseball cap. Wow, no irony there, huh? (Football/Baseball get it?)


2. SPCA Cat

 Kylie the SPCA CatKylie the SPCA Cat

Image via Wake County SPCA

This Carolina Panthers feline fan (and her friend) is one of many available for adoption. Kylie and a number of other such Panther fans are available for adoption from the Wake County SPCA in Raleigh, North Carolina.

3. Scooter The K-9

Scooter the K-9 Broncos FanScooter the K-9 Broncos Fan

Image via Denver 7 News

When not rooting the Broncos on to victory, Scooter is a K-9 Unit for the Douglas County Sheriff's Department. Something tells me that he is not the only fan in the department!


4. Fashion Dog

Carolina Panthers Fashion DogCarolina Panthers Fashion Dog

Image via HNGN

This cute canine is all about showing off his or her cute Panthers' fashion sense for the big day. It doesn't hurt that there is a whole lotta blonde involved here.


5. Pinecone The FAS Kitty

 Pinecone Ready to Cheer on the BroncosPinecone Ready to Cheer on the Broncos

Image via Foothills Animal Shelter

This fantastic feline is named Pinecone and she is cheering on the Broncos. We strongly recommend not bringing a new pet home to a huge Super Bowl party. Give them time to get used to their new home before so much mayhem.


6. Callie, The Pin-Up Kitty

Callie, the Pin-Up KittyCallie, the Pin-Up Kitty

Image via Pinterest

This cute cat may look like she's just lounging around, but she's on point to wake you up as early as possible on game day! Hey! That pot of chili isn't going to make itself!


7. Cheer Pug

Denver Broncos Cheer PugDenver Broncos Cheer Pug

Image via Denver 7 News

This pug puppy is ready to shake her pompoms for the home team! Lean to the left! Lean to the right! Stand up Broncos and fight, fight, fight!


8. Cool McPug Here

Cool McPug for the PanthersCool McPug for the Panthers

Image via Pinterest

This pug apparently chose his human for being a Panthers fan. Pug and Dad are ready for the day, the game, and the par-tay!


9. Grumpy Broncos Fan

Grumpy Cat is a Broncos FanGrumpy Cat is a Broncos Fan

Image via OrangeMane

Even Grumpy Cat is getting into Super Bowl mode, though she really doesn't give a rat's backside about who wins. However, if ya gotta take sides, go with the horse. No need for more cat competition!


10. Mommy's Little Panther

Mommy's Little PantherMommy's Little Panther

Image via Pinterest

One of the most important roles of a cat fan during the Super Bowl is that of lap buddy. This can be a vital task on a cold winter day. It also positions the cat to retrieve any spilled food.


11. A Horse of Three Different Colors

Broncos HorseBroncos Horse

Image via DNAinfo

It should come as no surprise that one of the animals ready to root for the Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday would be a horse. The surprising thing about these Broncos fans is that they are in Chicago. 


12. Kira, The Panthers Fan

Kira, The Panthers FanKira, The Panthers Fan

Image via Pinterest

Kira is showing her Panther Pride while wishing for some really good Super Bowl snacks, like maybe some boneless chicken wings or those yummy meatballs. Since she is watching her diet chances are she will just get a couple of treats for her cheering efforts.


13. Football Guinea Pig

Football Guinea PigFootball Guinea Pig

Image via Twitter

Naturally there will be plenty of people out there watching the game who haven't committed themselves to one team or the other, like this adorable guinea pig. He's just a huge football fan no matter who is playing!

There you have it. Animals that may be more ready for Super Bowl 50 than you are. And, in case you were wondering, I will be rooting for the Denver Broncos. No offense to the Carolina Panthers, but I live in the Denver Metro area and I've got to cheer on the home team. Go Broncos!