10 Tips To Protect Your Dog's Paws From Hot Pavement

Many owners like taking their dogs on walks to enjoy the warm summer weather with them, but many of them forget about one important detail: hot pavement can and will burn a dog's paws. It can be tempting to take your dog everywhere you go, but it can cause serious harm to your dog  if you are not careful. Remember that if asphalt and cement can get hot enough to cook an egg during the summer or if it feels way too hot for you to leave your hands comfortably on the ground for at least 10 seconds,  it can result in nasty burns on your dog's paw pads.  This is especially true if you have a new puppy with tender young paws.

So what can be done to protect your dog's paws? Here are 10 tips to keep your dog or puppy from getting burned this summer.  

Protect Your Dog's Paws



1. Walk Your Dog When It's Cool

This is probably an obvious tip but one that folks sometimes don't consider enough. It's a great idea to take your dog out on daily walks, but be mindful of when and where you walk him. The best time to walk your dog is in the morning or late evening, when the pavement is cool. Avoid walking your dog in the afternoon when the sun is high in the sky or early evening, because the pavement will be hot.

2. Toughen Your Dog's Paws

When it's time to walk your dog, it can actually be a good idea to stick to the pavement during the cool times of the day. While the pavement is cool, it won't burn your dog's paws, and it will also help to toughen them up. This will help to prevent any potential burns that could come later on.

3. Stay On The Grass

If you end up taking your dog out during the warmer times of the day, be sure to stay on the grass and stick to shady areas. Stay away from sidewalks or any paved areas to avoid burning. A shady park can be a great place to take your dog on a warm afternoon.


4. Moisturize Your Dog's Paws

Consider moisturizing your dog's feet daily to help prevent injuries like cuts, cracking, or peeling of the paws. Minor injuries like this can make your dog's paws more susceptible to burns and other serious problems. Moisturizing paw pad creams like Cain & Able Moisturizing Paw Rub can work wonders.

5. Use Paw Wax

Paw wax can easily be smeared onto your dog's paw pads to protect them from harmful surfaces. Paw wax is designed to protect your dog's feet from hot surfaces and potentially harmful chemicals like road salts. Try Musher's Secret Paw Wax if you go out with your dog frequently . It's my favorite solution for keeping my dog comfortable whenever I need to take my dog out under tough road conditions. It's a great solution for anytime your dog needs some extra paw protection. You can see a product review video for Musher's Secret at the end of our article. (If you need something right away, you can try some Vaseline. It is not nearly as good but better than nothing.)



6. Try Dog Shoes

Dog shoes are one of the best ways to protect your dog's paws from heat and potential injuries if your dog will wear them. If this seems like the right solution for your dog, be sure to buy shoes like Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot or My Busy Dog Shoes that have rubber soles to offer the best protection. Be aware that not all dogs can get used to dog shoes, and some might have a hard time walking in them. There will definitely be an adjustment period for your dog with dog shoes. If you can get your dog used to using them, nothing else offers better protection.

7. Consider Disposable Dog Booties

Disposable dog booties are a great short-term fix for the summer heat. Dog booties like Pawz Disposable Booties can provide good protection from the heat, and are a great temporary solution if you need to take your dog out on a hot day and your dog is willing to wear them.

8. See If Peel And Stick Pads Can Work

Peel and stick felt pads are a quick solution to minimize the dangers of hot pavement. They're easy to stick onto the pads of your dog's feet and they help protect against potential burns and injuries. They can even reduce the risks of your dog  slipping on slick surfaces. (Yes, I am talking about the felt pads you find in the home improvement stores like these.) Just buy or cut them to the size you need and paste them on your dog's paws.

And even better alternative to the felt pads may be silicone scar pads or tape. They are so easy to put on and they can be cut to the perfect size for paws. They can be reused and they do well and stay on in wet conditions. They are so thin, flexible and durable that your dogs should not have any problems wearing them unlike many other things you put on their paws. Silcone scar sheets can be a terrific option for your dog's paws.  I've tried and liked the Scar Away Sheets but there are less expensive ones also available here. Just be careful on smooth floors as they can be a little slippery depending on which of the tapes you get.


9. Grab Some Socks For His Paws

Socks are a decent last minute solution if you need to take your dog onto the hot pavement. Like dog shoes, not every dog will tolerate wearing socks. You can just take a pair of your old socks or little baby socks and see if they will work. Or you can buy these ridiculously cute dog socks. (These are for indoors, but these adorable dog socks are so cute too). You should be watchful when putting socks on your dog's feet, as some dogs will be tempted to chew them.


10. Wash And Check His Paws Carefully

Be sure to check your dog's paw pads daily for any signs of damage and wash his paws frequently. If you do happen to see a problem, or if your dog is acting strangely on his feet, be sure to have him taken to the vet to see how bad the injury is.  If you wash and moisturize his paws at the same time you check his paws, you're doing three things to help protect your dog's paws at once. Saving time...and saving paws!

Here's a great reminder chart from the Humane Society of when it can be too hot for your dog's feet. 


These 10 tips will help your dog stay safe and uninjured this summer from the dangers of hot pavement. Be sure to keep a close eye on the dog to protect him from any other heat related injuries as well. Make sure you watch for Symptoms of Heat Stroke In Dogs. Also,  consider these 12 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool In Summer.

As mentioned earlier, here's a product review video for Musher's Secret if you're interested.  You can buy the paw protection wax here and I can't recommend it highly enough. 


 These tips on keeping your doggie's paws protected and a great life vest for your dog if you are heading for the water should keep your buddy safer and more comfortable this summer. Happy Summer!

TIP: Make sure to take a look at and save for the winter  my tips on protecting your dogs paws from freezing cold.

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Originally published July 2012 and revised June 2015 .

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Jun 3, 2015
by Anonymous
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We moved to Houston where

We moved to Houston where even early in the morning it's muggy and hot. We have taken to walking the dogs at 1 AM. I ordered a jar of Mushers, but wanted to know if my babies will still be able to expel heat through their paws.

I am also looking for travel advice. I often travel alone with the dogs and am super concerned about bathroom breaks (for me). I try to pre-plan by searching for pet stores along the route where I can take them to the restroom with me, but how to protect them if I can't find such a place? I am loathe to tie them up as they attract a lot of attention and I am so afraid they will be stolen (we adopted one dog 18 months ago and the other 12 months ago and we have been asked 27 times already if we breed them and have had 6 people ask to have their pictures taken with our dogs...odd...but OK).

I wish more places were dog friendly...or would at least make reasonable concessions for travelers with pets.

It would be really great to have a list of establishments on a web site that will let you take your pets in during extreme weather for things like that. A friend told me some Home Depots and Lowe's will let you take your pets in...at the manager's discretion.

Desperate for a workable solution.

Jun 13, 2015
by Michelle
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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your concerns. I always travel with someone so I have never thought about this problem. We'll do some research and try to come up with some tips I know there are very pet friendly stores where you can likely run in and use their bathrooms. We'll get that article done for you.. And your idea of listing establishments that are pet friendly is a good one. We're already working on something like that and hopefully we'll have something to share soon. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.


Jun 25, 2015
by Anonymous
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When I travel I've found the

When I travel I've found the website bringfido.com to be helpful. Just type in city and state and it has a list of places where pets are welcome and if you find a new place you can add it to the list. Including restaurants which I thought was awesome.

Jun 6, 2016
by Anonymous
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Last year I think I burned

Last year I think I burned my dogs paws. He was mincing around and I just did not figure it out until too late. This year I did research and found your post. Thank you for all the info. I used your tips and got my dog some booties for when we need to can't avoid the hot cement and I am confident we won't have any problems this year. It is a really good article.

I like your website...never knew about it before but is has some really interesting stuff on it that I've never seen before. So I'll be sure to check back.

Jun 6, 2016
by Anonymous
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Great article. Found it on

Great article. Found it on Pinterest. Will be sure to share it since I think it actually has good tips.

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