Summer can be a welcome change from the cold, biting weather that comes in the winter. However, with summer comes the need to stay cool. As hard as it might seem just to keep yourself cool, it's even harder keeping your dog cool. By taking the right steps, and watching your dog closely, you can prevent any risk of your dog suffering heat stroke.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Follow these tips to keep your dog from suffering heat stroke this summer.

1. Lots Of Fresh Water

By keeping your dog hydrated, you're doing a lot to make sure he stays cool this summer. It's best to give your dog double the water you would normally, to make sure that he doesn't run out. Drinking lots of water will help him cool down and dissipate heat through panting.

2. Plenty Of Shade

During the summer, it's best to keep the dog inside or provide him with a well-shaded area to keep him out of the sun. It might be best to allow the dog access to the house during the summer, so he can keep cool with the use of fans and air conditioning.

3. Get A Wading Pool

When your dog is outside, he might enjoy a nice wading pool to help keep him cool. A hard plastic wading pool is a great way to cool off during the summer, and it's not as likely to break as the cheap kiddie pools that are commonly on the market.

4. Walk The Dog Early Morning And Later Evening

During the summer, the weather is a little cooler in the early morning and late evening. Your dog will enjoy the cooler temperatures. Dogs overheat easily, so it might be best to limit your walking and playing time during high temperatures.

5. Take Your Dog With You

If at all possible, don't leave your dog alone for long periods of time. The power could go out, or the dog might run out of water.  Take your dog with you, but avoid leaving him in the car. Cars heat up quickly, putting your dog in danger of heatstroke.

By following these tips, your dog will avoid heatstroke this summer. Have fun with your dog, and stay cool! 

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