When you purchase pet insurance, the insurance company generally charges
you a premium for certain breeds of cats and dogs, as well as the age of your pet and various other criteria.  The premiums on
Rottweilers and Siamese cats must be pretty high, because their
average claims are much higher than other dogs and cats.  Today, a pet insurance
comparison website released information on the Top 10 Most
Expensive Pets based on their average insurance claims.  I already
gave away two of the 10 breeds... can you guess the others?

Well, here they are!

1.  Rottweiler, Average insurance claim $564

Rottweiler: image via dogbreedinfo.comRottweiler: image via dogbreedinfo.com

A handsome and loyal dog, 63 percent of the Rottweiler claims are due to illness; the rest due to accidents.  Rottweilers are subject to allergies, hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and gastric torsion.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog, Average insurance claim $413Bernese Mountain Dog: image via dogbreedinfo.comBernese Mountain Dog: image via dogbreedinfo.com

These gorgeous long-haired dogs are, unfortunately, subject to cataracts, gastric torsion, mast cell tumore, and elbow displasia.   Seventy-six percent of the Bernese Mountain Dog claims are related to illness.

3. Siamese Cat, Average insurance claim $396Siamese cat: image via catfacts.orgSiamese cat: image via catfacts.org

Seventy-seven percent of  these blue-eyed sweeties are due to illness, such as gigivitis, liver disease, and upper respiratory infections.

4. Great Dane, Average insurance claim $385

Great Dane: image via dogbreedinfo.comGreat Dane: image via dogbreedinfo.com

 Hip dysplasia is one of the big problems suffered by Great Danes, along with elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion, and cardiomyopathy.  Seventy-seven percent of Great Dane claims are due to illness as opposed to 23 percent from accidents.

5. English Bulldog, Average insurance claim $371

English Bulldog: image via englishbullydog.comEnglish Bulldog: image via englishbullydog.com

 As you might imagine, what gives this dog so many health problems is his naso-laryngeal physiology, but hip dyplasia and patellar luxation are additional common problems. The English Bulldog doesn't have too many accidents; 84 percent of his claims are from illnesses.

6. Bengal Cat, Average insurance claim $365Bengal cat: image via dogs-cats.wikia.comBengal cat: image via dogs-cats.wikia.com

This cat stays out of trouble, but not out of the vet's office. Bengals have sensitive stomachs and are prone to inflammatory bowel disease and feline leukemia.

7. French Bulldog, Average insurance claim  $356French Bulldog: image via dogbreedworld.netFrench Bulldog: image via dogbreedworld.net

When it comes to medical claims, a bulldog is a bulldog.  Like the English Bulldog, his French cousin suffers from some of the same breathing difficulties, allergies, and hip dysplasia.  Not one to get into accidents though.

8.  Maine Coon Cat, Average insurance claim $314Maine Coon cat: image via mainecooncompanion.netMaine Coon cat: image via mainecooncompanion.net

Another really beautiful long-haied cat, the Maine Coon is prone to polycyctic kidney disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia.  Ninety percent of this kitty's claims are from illnesses.

9. Ragdoll Cat, Average insurance claim $278Ragdoll cat: image via depet.netRagdoll cat: image via depet.net

Generally healthy, the Ragdoll tends to run into certain diseases, like worms and diabetes, as he ages. Also noted, was that he may react poorly to live vaccines. Ninety-three percent of the Ragdoll claims are from illnesses.

10. Himalayan Cat, Average insurance claim $216

Himalayan cat: image via pictures-of-cats.orgHimalayan cat: image via pictures-of-cats.org

The Himalayan cat has few accidents, perhaps because he likes to hang around his human family members.  But when he does have an illness, it terms to be related to breathing problems, kidney disease, or inflammatory bowels.  

Only 3 percent of dogs in the U.S. are covered by pet insurance; one percent of cats are covered. Twelve percent of pets are covered by medical insurance in the UK, while 49 percent of Swedish pets are covered. 

Check out Pet Insurance Comparison to learn some more interesting data about pet insurance!

That's the buzz for today!