Need a cute pet costume before Halloween, but don't have much time left? Keep reading for adorable DIY pet costumes!


1. Ghost Dog

cute easy ghost dog costume

This adorable costume is easy to do and fun to make. It's one of the easiest costume ideas around.

What you'll need:

  • White twin-size sheet.
  • Length of elastic.
  • Sewing Kit.
  • Black marking pen.

Begin the costume by placing the sheet over your pup's head, arranging it so it falls evenly around him. Pin the spots that hang past your dog's feet so you know where to cut, the sheet should fall just above your pup's feet. Mark the spots where your dog's ears, eyes, snout, and neck are with the marking pen. 

Take the sheet off your pup and cut holes for the eyes, ears, and mouth. Cut the edges of the sheet so it won't drag on the floor while you pup moves around. Attach the neckband inside of the fabric in the neck area to hold the sheet in place, and you're finished! 

Inspiration from

2. Skeleton Dog

 Skeleton: Image by Ranjit, Flickr

The skeleton dog is an artsy pet costume project that can be completed with few supplies and worn on multiple occasions. You have the option of creating a very realistic skeleton, or a more theatrical artistic skeleton.

What you'll need:

  • A black hoodie.
  • Black bike shorts or cut-off black leggings (for a large dog).
  • White fabric paint (available here)
  • Or white felt and fabric glue (like this one)

If you have a small dog, alter the black hoodie so that it has legs. This can be done by wrapping the corners of the hoodie around each of your pup's legs to determine size and making a few stitches around the bottom of the leg area. Leave it open enough so your pet can do his business. If your dog is larger, you can use the bike shorts or cut of leggings instead, just be sure to cut a hole for you pup's lower parts.

Now you can decorate the garments. Use either white fabric paint or white felt to create the bones. With the fabric paint, simply paint a skeleton frame onto the black hoodie and bike shorts. With the white felt, cut bone shaped pieces out to glue or sew onto the hoodie to complete the costume. 

Image and inspiration from Pet MD.

3. Chef Dog

 Dog-Costume-Chef-Lander: Image by Womans Day Staff,

Interested in turning your dog into an amateur chef? Now you can with this cute costume.

What you'll need:

  • A white chef jacket with two rows of buttons down the front. You can buy one here or make something similar with a white shirt you have handy. 
  • A blue or red scarf.
  • Traditional white chef's hat like these.
  • (Optional) wooden spoon.

If you can find a fitting chef jacket for your pup, you can sew leg holes by measuring the bottom of the jacket around your pups legs and making a few stitches towards the inside of his legs. If your dog is a little too large for that, you can find some white shorts, or simply have him wear the jacket. You may need to cut the sleeves to fit your dog's legs.

The hat will need to be modified with some Velcro straps to stay on your dogs head. Once the jacket and hat are complete, you can wrap the scarf around your dog's neck to complete the ensemble. Optionally, you can attach a wooden spoon to the costume if you don't think your dog will chew on it.  If this project seems a bit too complicated, you can buy the ready made chef costume here

Image and Inspiration from Woman's Day.

4. Spider Pet

 Spider Costume: Image by Pyramidhead84, Flickr

Once this cute spider is assembled, all you have to do to fit it to your dog or cat is sew it onto a fitting t-shirt. 

What you'll need:

Start by cutting two circular spider body pieces from the black felt and two orange diamond pieces from the orange felt. Make the spider legs by cutting two pieces of felt in the shape of spider legs. Pin the two pieces together, sew them, and stuff them tightly with filling using the knitting needle.

Next, sew the body pieces together, leaving a small opening. Stuff the body, sew the opening closed, and glue the orange felt pieces onto the back of the body. Sew the stuffed legs on each side of the body to create a spider. Once the spider is completed, you can sew the shirt onto the bottom of the body to the back of the shirt. Sew along the contour of the body to keep it stabilized.

Inspiration and image from Martha Stewart.

5. Frenchman Dog

 Dog-Costume-French-Lander: Image by Womans Day Staff,

This cute costume can make any dog look like an adorable Frenchman.

What you'll need:

Find a t-shirt or fabric with a stretchy material to allow breathability and freedom of movement. If you're sewing the t-shirt, it can be done with a standard t-shirt pattern, however, make sure it's small or big enough to fit your pup and sew it so the stripes face horizontally.

Tie the red scarf around your dogs neck and the costume will be almost complete. For the beret, sew a couple thin Velcro straps onto it or an elastic to keep it attached to your pup's head. 

Inspiration and image from Woman's Day.

With one of these 5 costumes, you'll have an adorable, easy to make costume for your pet to wear this Halloween. So, get to it, and have fun!

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Originally published September 2012 and updated October 2016

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