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Most of us don't have the time or inclination to research every type of dog product on the market.  Even a pet product reviewer like myself doesn't personally review everything. As an Amazon shopper, though, I often rely on reviews from people who actually have purchased a product that interests me.  So here's a way for you to take a short cut by getting the benefit of Amazon's most highly reviewed dog products in 10 categories - all of which I've purchased for my own dogs and personally endorse.


1. Best Dog Bed Category: Big Barker Pillowtop Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker Orthopedic Pillowtop BedBig Barker Orthopedic Pillowtop Bed

When a product gets over 1000 reviews and they are pretty much all perfect scores, you know you have something really well designed and well priced. The Big Barker 7' Pillowtop Orthopedic Dog Bed comes in three sizes to accommodate large, extra large and gigantic dogs. The bed is specially designed to not flatten or get saggy for ten years and it is made with high quality American made foam. It is good looking soft water resistant suede like material and easy to clean and reviewer gush about how it keeps its shape. This is truly a great bed for large dogs that flatten other beds. It's a bit more expensive than someother dog beds but it will at least twice as long. (For smaller dogs, I think the Ultra SoftPet Bed is a great product.)


2.  Best Crates Category:  Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog CrateMidwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

I and several thousand other reviewers have kicked the Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate up to number one and there are plenty of reasons, not the least of which is the high quality for a great Amazon price. Often, dog owners use crates as a place to punish their dogs, but crates should be used for house breaking initially, and then as your dog's own special place where he can go to be left alone, away from the kids, other pets, and yes, even you. 

I never thought I would keep a dog in a crate overnight, as I am used to dogs sleeping on my bed, but I bought one of the Midwest extra large crates for him, put throw-rugs on the floor and little curtains around the side, and my dog prefers sleeping there at night. It's like his 'apartment,' and he even re-furnishes it with his own toys every few days.

3.  Best Dog Toys Category: Chuckit! Ball Launcher


Chuckit!  Ball LaunchersChuckit! Ball Launchers

Reading the Amazon reviews, you have to wonder who loves the Chuckit! ball launcher more - dogs or their owners?  As a owner, I can say for sure you will love it.  I do not have a great pitching arm; don't know about you.  But with Chuckit!, tossing a pitch for my dog is so easy... and the more I toss, the more exercise he gets!

Amazon carries the Chuckit in 5 different sizes, which refer to the size of the ball in each launcher: Junior Ball launcher, Regular Ball Launcher, Pocket Ball Launcher, Mega Ball Launcher, and Ultra Ball Launcher. The Chuckit! is one of my 19+ interactive pet toys!

4.  Best Dog Collars, Harnesses, & Leashes Category:  Puppia Dog Harnesses

Puppia Dog HarnessPuppia Dog Harness

Lots and lots of grateful dog owners, including me, tout the praises of the Puppia Harness, one of the first soft harnesses created for dogs several years ago.  No straps that did into your dogs neck, under his forelegs, or around his tummy.  A soft pull does the trick without pain.  The Puppia is available in many sizes and beautiful colors.  They are machine washable and they last.


5.  Best Dog Grooming Products Category:  Christina's Perfect Pet Brush

Christina's Pefect Pet BrushChristina's Pefect Pet Brush

Christina's Perfect Pet Brush gets hundreds of perfect scores from folks who have tried the brush.  It's not just a brush but an ergonomically designed soft handled combination brush and rake that is well made. It has been designed to remove the excess hair from your dog with ease with a flexible head that helps hug the brush to all the areas you need to brush your dog. It's one of these practically perfect products that I love to recommend.


5.  Best Dog Health Supplies Category: Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone


Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with HydrocortisoneZymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone

A 5-star dog health product with over 3000 sterling customer reviews, Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment, probably doesn't need me to write anything more.  But, I will add something short:  I washed my dog's itchy ears with dog ear wash over, and over, and over again.  He didn't stop scratching (and smelling bad) until I used Zymox.  Ear infections, be gone!  (If you have an older dog, take a look at supplementing your dog with this Joint Supplement - another 5 star product with thousands of excellent reviews. I was going to feature this supplement but decided that highlighting the Ear Treatment would be more useful for our readers. They have a one month supply you can try here. )


7.  Best Dog Clothing & Accessories Category: Kyjen Outward Hound Designer Pet Saver Life Jacket


Kyjen Outward Hound Pet Saver Life JacketKyjen Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket


Not exactly clothing, but a must-have jacket for water activities, and there's no time like the summer for trying out a water sport with your dog.  Dogs of any age can be taught to swim and love it with a Kyjen Outward Hound Designer Pet Saver Life Jacket; swimming is a great activity for dogs, and can help delay and ameliorate canine and human joint and nerve problems. (See my blog on Canine Water Therapy.) Also this life saver jacket is a must for boating and surfing!  A full selection of sizes is available at Amazon.


8. Best Dog Treats Category: All American Gourmet Jerky Treats

 All American Jerky TreatsAll American Jerky Treats


All America Dog Jerky Treats are a favorite in my household.  My dog thinks they're the best thing since steak - which he never ate - and I love them because they make him so happy.  They come in three flavors and they are smoked for 15 hours to give the treats their distinct smoky flavor.  They are healthy treats made in America by a company headquartered in Utah and they use no weird chemicals or corn or other fillers. 



9. Best Dog Food Category: Wellness Grain-Free Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs


CORE Wellness Grain Free Food For Adult DogsCORE Wellness Grain Free Food For Adult Dogs


On my list of 5 best dog foods, the CORE Wellness Grain-Free Dog Food has even 53 percent more protein than my pick!  It must be good, because even though it's pricier than other dry dog food, it's a top seller at Amazon, and it's reportedly so tasty that you will have to control your dog's portions!  The CORE Wellness Grain Free comes in turkey, fish, and diet for adult dogs.  It truly is all-natural.


10.  Best Dog Feeding and Watering Category: Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Platinum FountainDrinkwell Platinum Fountain

Circulating water is attractive to pets, especially dogs and cats, and both species tend to get dehydrated easily, making the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain an even more important buy.  But there are other features of the Drinkwell that make consumers rave: a very large water capacity, superior filtering system, and detachable cord, making it so much more convenient to clean.   Here's a succinct review of the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain....

Your dog will love this fountain!

Bonus Item 11: Best Dog Ramp:  Pet Studio Dog Ramp

Pet Studio RampPet Studio Ramp

I just saw the Pet Studio Dog Ramp in action at my friend's house and after doing some research on it,  I knew I had to add it to this Top 10 Dog Products list.  It's perfect for older dogs that have trouble getting where they need to go. The design easily converts from steps to a ramp and the folds completely flat when you need to store it. The best thing about this ramp is that the steps are wide and deep and sturdy. It is twice the size of less expensive ramps and will take up more room but the added stability is a clear winner.   I have not personally used this but my friend think it's a great product.

This list of highly recommended products is a compilation based on consumer ratings. I find buyer ratings to be best way to determine whether or not to purchase a product that I have no experience using. Any products that you think deserve to be on this Best Dog Products From Amazon List?  

That's the buzz for today!

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Originally published June 2012 and updated May 2015.

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