10 Adorable Christmas Ornaments for Pig Lovers

We all know people who love pig-themed items - here is a list of adorable Chirstmas ornaments that make perfect gifts for them... or yourself!

1.  Olivia the Pig Glass Ornament

This adorable ornament is fashioned for the children's character Olivia the Pig, but in her darling Christmas gown and tiara, she makes a perfect gift for any pig aficionado.   


2. Rose the Flying Pig Ornament

One cannot help but smile at this Rose the Pig ornament with her adorable pink mary jane shoes and rose garland.  Gold wings complete the ornate appearance of this resin ornament. 


3. Spun Glass Polka Dot Pig Ornament

This bright chubby pig ornament is made of spun glass for a pretty bubbly finish for a bit of glass sparkle. The round body is covered in big polka dots and he's finished with a cute curly pig-tail.


4. Radko Lady Petunia Pig in a Bubble Bath

Petunia the Pig is a fine ornament from Christopher Radko who specializes in hand-blown glass hand-painted ornaments. This gorgeous girl is complete with sparkly bubbles and a rubber ducky! (This is no longer available. Other similar pig ornaments are available here.)


5.  Pierre and Phyllis Fancy Pig Aristocrat Ornaments

Pierre and Phyllis ornaments will definitely bring some cheer to your tree.  Their intricate adorable details are hand-created and fashioned after artwork by Patience Brewster and are limited edition pieces.


6. Pig on Skis Glass Ornament

This pink-cheeked skiing pig ornament is ready to take to the slopes of the tree! Glitter accents on his body, scarf, and shoes will make the tree sparkle!


7. Flying Ballerina Pig Ornament 

This whimsical ballerina pig ornament has a darling tutu and striped tights.  Her smiling face will make you smile too!


8. Jolly Pig Carlton Ornament

This sweet-faced jolly pig ornament's big smile will provoke yours!  And who can't relate to dealing with tangled up Christmas lights?  Completed by a yarn-knit scarf, this little piggy is ready to make your holiday merry and bright! (Update:This pig ornament is no longer available. This year's pig ornament is available here.)

9. Swarovski Crystal and Gold When Pigs Fly Ornament

This impressive Swarovski crystal and gold "When Pigs Fly" ornament is gorgeously covered in pale pink Swarovski crystals and 24K gold plating.   Besides being cute as can be, this beautiful ornament's crystals will capture and reflect the lights on the Christmas tree to give her a shimmering effect.


10.  Happy Pig Snowflake Ornament

Last but not least is the adorable happy pig snowflake ornament.  Printed on both sides, this festive snowflake has an image of an innocent pig with a sweet half smile and pretty cloud of pink polka dots in the background.

So many cute ornaments to choose from!!  Which one is your favorite?

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