I recently discovered on Tumbler a talented artist Heather Nasheim based out of Portland Oregon. She started her Tumbler posts Daily Cat Drawings with the aspirational goal of drawing a cat a day. While the number of posts in any given month has varied quite a bit and she hasn't quite reached 1000 different cats yet, it is still fun to discover a new sketch by Heather whenever she posts.  What I find most impressive is how different and varied her drawings of a cat a day have been. Here are some of my favorites from her amazing collection of Daily Cat Drawings that you should go check out for yourself.

 471. Persian Cat Drawing Persian Cat Drawing by Heather NasheimPersian Cat Drawing by Heather Nasheim

456 Space Cat Drawing

Space Cat Drawing by Heather NasheimSpace Cat Drawing by Heather Nasheim

356. Pudgy Pink Tabby Cat Drawing

Pudgy Pink Tabby by Heather NasheimPudgy Pink Tabby by Heather Nasheim

263 Tigger!

Tigger by Heather NasheimTigger by Heather Nasheim

218 Kitten Sketch 

 Kitten Sketch by Heather NasheimKitten Sketch by Heather Nasheim

070. Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming by Heather NasheimWinter Is Coming by Heather Nasheim

441 Help Me Meowbi Wan Kenobi

Help Me Meowbi Wan Kenobi by Heather NasheimHelp Me Meowbi Wan Kenobi by Heather Nasheim


040 Black Lion

Black Lion by Heather NasheimBlack Lion by Heather Nasheim


Be sure to visit Heather's Daily Cat Drawings and check out her work for yourself.

Of course, Heather is a talented artist that can draw much more than adorable cats. Heather currently focuses on 2D concept work for video games and social media. She also does freelance character design work and animation. You can see more of her other work on her Twitter account.